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Election Fever February 29, 2008

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The in-thing now is no longer Astro’s ad ‘睇左啦’? or asking if you’ve seen Edison’s leaked photos ‘睇左未?’.  It’s ‘Who are you voting for-ah?’.  As much as we try to stay neutral or stay secretive, in some way or the other, we’re probably going to be roped into political conversations at some point and that’s when we have to take sides.  And these conversations normally start with ‘U saw that speech by Mr XXX or not.  That idiot dare to say something like that-ah’ or ‘Eh, I went to Ms. XXX’s ceramah..wah laueh’.

Anttyk and myself tried to do our part as Malaysians and went to volunteer ourselves as polling agents for The-Day.  What is a polling agent?  Basically, just to sit in the allocated classrooms on voting day and be alert to make sure no hanky-panky stuff happens.  No we don’t get paid!  (Hint Hint!!!!)…….Went for the polling agent training last night and indeed, it was an eye opener.  I was definitely surprised by the number of supporters last night. 

We’re now all geared up for March 8, 2008.  Will write more about my experiences then – as a first time voter, first time polling agent.

Amidst all the hoo-haa on the elections, I thought might as well post something  to show show la.  The picture below, with our ex PM was taken late last year when he visited Plaza Mont Kiara one Sunday morning. 



What’s your IQ? February 28, 2008

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I am normal.  Have no IQ like Einstein.  I have an IQ of 103 – slightly smarter than some people and probably dumber than a lot more.  Beat this! Muahahahah.  Click here to link to the test

Leave comments on your score ok – only if u fare lesser than me!


Rame ArSes

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Below is an excerpt from our Skype conversation.  For most of you who has read my Who’s Who – on some words Balak (aka acidhk – anttky thinks that this is a damn ah beng nick ) cannot pronounce properly, here’s anttyk trying to pull something on Balak:

[12:04:37 PM] anttyk 戴佑军 says: runch time, i meet you in the robby okay, barak?
[12:04:50 PM] siaoyue says: why must meet in lobby
[12:04:53 PM] siaoyue says: cannto go together one me
[12:05:00 PM] anttyk 戴佑军 says: ha?
[12:05:14 PM] anttyk 戴佑军 says: i think balak would get the joke
[12:05:25 PM] siaoyue says: whats the joke
[12:05:28 PM] acidhk says: haha
[12:05:35 PM] anttyk 戴佑军 says: A Land language… Every L is turned into an R
[12:05:41 PM] acidhk says: ranguage from a land
[12:06:00 PM] acidhk says: L turned into R and R remains as R
[12:06:02 PM] acidhk says: haha
[12:06:04 PM] siaoyue says: hahahaha
[12:06:11 PM] siaoyue says: so meaaann
[12:06:14 PM] anttyk 戴佑军 says: he likes it
[12:06:20 PM] acidhk says: wah
[12:06:35 PM] siaoyue says: eh malam ini makan apa
[12:06:46 PM] anttyk 戴佑军 says: flied chicken
[12:06:52 PM] siaoyue says: hahahahahahahahah
[12:06:53 PM] siaoyue says: ur mean
[12:06:58 PM] anttyk 戴佑军 says: flied lice?
[12:07:20 PM] acidhk says: maram ini makan flied lice?
[12:07:22 PM] acidhk says: erm..
[12:07:27 PM] acidhk says: whele?


For those who don’t know me yet February 27, 2008

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This is how much I love Bert.  My collection before my 26th birthday last year.


Way back in 2005, Laura made a comment that little bert, whom I’ve had for about 2o years won’t last another 3 years.  Horrified, I painstakingly searched, googled, yahoo-ed for a local doll maker.  Sadly, there wasn’t any.  For once, my dearest brother did his part as a younger brother and found his sister Robyn, who was based in Victoria, Australia.  He took the responsibility of ensuring bert was safely delivered and returned to me in Kuala Lumpur.  She did an amazing job of restoring Bert. 


First Post

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in bangkok chatuchak

Today marks the very beginning of my blog, siaoyue.wordpress.com.  27/2/08.  Hopefully by this time next year, I still manage to keep this site running or even better still, become famous blogger – nah!….