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Lunch at Hajime March 2, 2008

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Today Balak, Jimmy and myself had lunch at our new found favourite Japanese Restaurant, Hajime in Jalan Damai, KL.  (Anttyk who was supposed to come with Jessie decided to ‘aeroplane’ at the very last minute).  Leaving the lunch menu decision to Chef Edwin, here’s what he whipped up for the 3 of us. 

My absolute must have in all Japanese meals – chawan mushi.  This one is steamed together with dried scallops.  Yum!


White snapper, salmon and scallops sashimi.  I have never tried any scallop sashimi as delicious and fresh as this.  Scallops are freshly cut upon ordering.


Seafood ‘gyoza’ served on a hot plate with some special sauce. 


This is my absolute favourite.  Foie Gras, cucumber and radish wrapped with smoked salmon and laced with truffle oil. 


Again, being overly excited at the sight of all the great food, I forgot to take pictures of the udon noodle.  The highlight was the egg, which was so perfectly done, cooked on the outside and so soft at the yolk part.  Luckily, Jimmy hasn’t dug into his bowl of noodles and gladly offered the bowl for me to take this shot…


Chicken pizza….


Lastly, we had something called Miami Inc, soft shell crab sushi with raw fish and avocado – to be dipped with the special concoction…Balak and Jimmy though this dish was the only slight disappointment.  Too ‘normal’ tasting, they thought.


And finally, for dessert, we had two scoops of ice-cream.   Homemade black sesame ice cream and chocolate ice cream laced with alcohol, nuts & raisins.


Although a bit pricey for lunch – Rm350 for the 3 of us (mainly due to the sashimi), it was definitely worth every cent of it.  We got Rm30 worth of vouchers at the end of our meal.  Food at Hajime is not the conventional Japanese food you get at some overrated restaurants.

Oh and BTW, if you do want to try, best times are Tuesday & Friday nights when they get their fresh supply of food – mainly air flown from Japan.

Some of the stuff we tried are not on the menu but specially prepared by Edwin.  Menus are changed monthly so you’ll never get bored of the food.  For more details on Hajime, just goto their website..

P/S: Anttyk, u missed out on a great lunch.