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Harro, my name is ICE March 6, 2008

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Having lunch with my friend, G, yesterday, he related a story to me.  He and his girlfriend and some friends were clubbing in one of the so – called popular clubs in KL when his gf got approached by this ‘I think all the girls are eyeing me with my dyed blonde hair and super cute looks’ Ah Beng. 

As Wikipedia terms Ah Bengs -‘Ah Beng is a term commonly given to a member of a group of young Chinese men in Southeast Asia, particularly Singapore and Malaysia. These Chinese men, whose age ranging from their early teens to late 20s, usually centralise in the busier and more developed cities in the region, but are usually seen as originating from smaller or more rural towns. Ah bengs typically speak local slang, which is Hokkien or Cantonese mixed with English and Malay, such as Manglish or Singlish. The term ‘Ah Beng’ is also sometimes used to describe young Chinese men in Southeast Asia who cannot speak fluent English and/or have graduated from the secular Chinese education system of the region.  In Malaysia, the term ‘Ah Beng’ usually refers to males who have unusual styles and tastes. And the term ‘lala-zai’ refers to males involved in stereotypical gangster activity or fashion such as the dyeing of hair.’

Now that you’ve got a clear description of who’s an Ah Beng, let me get back to my story.  Ah Beng then approaches his gf and they strike a conversation:

Ah Beng: HARRO.  Hi, you look so cool.

Gf: Er…..Hi

Ah Beng: Your name must be Cool. (OMG…what lamer will have a pick up line like that)

Ah Beng: I’m ICE

Who in their right mind would call themselves Ice like as in Cubes.  And because Icy Cool is like a perfect match made in heaven?Apparently so.   I then again told this story to Wely who said ….’Oh you’ll probably find at least 5 Ice-s and Sky-s and some others which so-called english names are named after months in the year or seasons/weather in Johor Bahru Holiday Plaza (haven for DVD sellers and buyers alike).’

Somehow, back in those days, I was also labelled Ah Lian (Ah Lian is ah beng’s counter part ..again see Wikipedia) cause of my not so dyed golden hair and my liking for playing drinking games in pubs.  Ha ha….now of course No More Lah.  How old already?

But just for ole times sake, I should just give myself an Ah Lian nick just in case i try to pick up some Lin Yu Zhong lookalikes in Velvet….I shall call myself…..




-…..no ..i think it’ll be….

-February Loong…cool eh 🙂  call me Fab-Loong for short