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There are three rings to a marriage March 16, 2008

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As mentioned in the earlier posts, one of the major highlights of my trip was attending cousin Mandy and Simon’s wedding in a winery in Red Hill

The day began with us meeting at Federation Square to take the bus to Montalto Estate in Redhill.

Obviously 9.30am is a wee bit too early for Brother to begin his day as can be seen below, only adjisting his tie properly at the pick up area.


The 1 hour 15 minutes bus ride to Montalto Estate.


We have arrived!


Amazingly beautiful back drop


We obviously did not waste anytime  and checked out the wine and olive oil tasting area


The table settings, each one had their names individually printed on cards to indicate where they’re seated



Rose petals strewn all over the grassland


I now pronounce you husband and wife


Simon with his new family..


Mouth watering finger food before lunch is served.  Absolutely amazing and delicately prepared.



Hungry guests still waiting for lunch to be served.


Scrumptious lunch is served.  3 course meal


In Uncle Paul’s birlliant speech, he mentioned ‘ There are 3 rings to a marriage:- the engagement ring, the wedding ring and the suffer-ing.’  How true is that 🙂


The dashing groom and beautiful bride completing the ceremony – cake cutting


For those who don’t know, they might think that it’s their wedding instead..


Have you ever seen such a long limo.  Note to my ‘jee muis’ – you don’t have to buy me jewellery for my wedding (if that day ever comes) , just chip in to rent us all a limo for AUD600 per hour!


and finally…..did Aunt Shelly really catch the bouquet???


It has truly been a memorable day:- magnificient scenery, happy faces, fantastic food, romantic environment, live band + singing & brilliant speeches.

P/S: Watch out for my next wedding post.  Mama’s Registration of marriage with Papa on march 24, 2008.


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