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Single March 20, 2008

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Time now is 4.37am Malaysian time.  I have barely slept.  Today marks the beginning of my single life – but of course there’s still Bert.

For 3 1/2 years, I did not know that I had caused so much pain, misery, stress and pressure to the person I thought I loved most – just by being with him.  On March 11, he spilled the beans.  I begin to feel used, cheated and betrayed.  Just two weeks ago, I thought I was going to be the luckiest girl alive when he hinted that we should get married in 2009. 

To our common friends out there, our regular outings may all have to be put on hold temporarily or even for a long long time – I don’t know.  I feel so sorry that such decisions have to be made.  I need to regain my life without him.

My family, my closest friends – thanks for being my pillar of strength these two weeks.  You guys have been amazing. 

I will now need to re-evaluate myself to see what and where I’ve gone so wrong for the past few years to deserve such an abrupt ending.