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Cleo Bachelor – He hopes he can make it in 2009 March 27, 2008

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Soojin a.k.a Horse Face wants me to put a picture of him in the blog so that chics can oogle and oohs and aahs over him – just like what they’re doing with Hedzri.  He and Hedzri (this year’s Cleo Malaysia Bachelor no.21)have been known to have some gay element fetishes in their friendship! I think horse is quite cute too – laughing myself sick atm while i type this.  Do you think I can nominate him for 2009? – well but he’s not so available at the moment.

This was a blurred picture taken from my camera phone last yr.  Chics, this is your only chance to have a rough idea how Hedz looks like without the air brush and photo magic before u actually catch him in real life.  But mark my word, he is quite cute – altho I dont quite understand the tongue.



A New Beginning

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 My blog turns one month old today!!!

For the next few days, my life is gonna be back to its routine:- Japanese classes, work, yoga, TVB Serials.  So, don’t think there will be any picture or exciting posts unless u guys want to have a look at my Grandpa’s grave or how handsome he looked when he was much younger when i go for ‘Ching Ming’ duties this coming Saturday morning at Nilai Memorial Park. 

It’s been 3 weeks I think since my nightmare began.  I woke up this morning and finally come to terms that I have lost the man I used to love forever.  No more looking back.  No more wallowing in self pity.  No more hating him for what he has made me go through.

I’ll look forward to getting my new Ixus 80IS, loosing weight, my mid year Hong Kong shopping spree, man-hunting with Soo Yin (a metaphor for our weekly outings) etc. I think I want to also submit my god-daughter’s picture to Women’s Weekly – under the baby section and see if i can win her anything (George reckons I am being kiasu here).  Life’s too short to sit down and blame yourself for what went wrong.  I almost forgot that I have a CISA exam to attend on June 14- and I’m barely into my 2nd chapter.  Time to hit the books!

I’m halfway thru the break-up book, ‘It’s called a break up because its broken’ – and it’s got helluva good pointers to get you back on track on your life.  If anyone ever needs a copy, let me know – I’ll gladly send them to u, no charge! HA HA

During this time, many friends have offered pointless advice to me & stood by my side, but I will like to this this opportunity to especially thank Kevin (remember on Who’s who, every girl’s best friend), who’s been at my beck and call, letting me bug him at wee hours of the morning when I can’t sleep and running here and there to run errands for me. Sounds like a blogger of the year winning speech or something!

I’m headed to Singapore for work this Sunday.  ‘Shaun not alcoholic’ lives there. And of course we’re gonna be partying hard without the alcohol of course! 

If time permits I think I will drop by Ikea and get a small shelf for my Bert collection this weekend.  They’re overflowing and all sitting on small cushion below the leaking air con. (something he promised to get me a while back but looks like this will never happen now)

Till then. XoXo

P/S: I want to get a haircut – a big change.  Hmm…..what’s your view?