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In Singapore March 31, 2008

Filed under: Short Talk — siaoyue @ 6:46 pm

I arrived in Singapore yesterday. Not feeling too well since last night- nauseous and could not sleep well because the silly bed at the Rendezvous Hotel was…well u can liken it to a rock! ( Are u thinking what a name for a hotel too?)

Haven’t really had chance to show off my new toy yet because after all, I only met up with Mama who also spent our yum cha session testing out my IXUS 80IS and taking oh-so-ugly pictures of me. No way I will post that!

Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll have some more quality post with good pictures. Till then folks. Don’t miss me.

P/S: Say is Hedzri that popular? On my blog stats page, under the ‘people have used these words to search for your blog column’, I only see all the key words, – Cleo bachelor hedzri, hedzri 2008 cleo bachelor etc…..