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It’s a public holiday tomorrow!!! April 30, 2008

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let’s Mambo at Zouk tonight!!!!

We are all going to shake that ass tonight….

But who’s the designated driver?  Nobody is willing to NOT drink…we’re still sorting that out now.  I hope there is not that massive queue outside Zouk…..

Happy labour day everyone…have good fun tonight.


Palm reading and my misadventures April 28, 2008

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I’m beginning to take an interest in palmistry simply because I have too much free time now.  Last Saturday, I tried to read for KC, anttyk and Lengus.  I guess they weren’t too convinced.  I also think that I am too supersitious.  I was told that the mole which just grew out of no where on my right palm couple of months back will just bring me a series of bad luck. I tried to link the connection……let’s see what happened in the past 2-3 months?

  • I stupidly stuck a VCD into my car CD player two months ago and jammed the whole player even the Honda workshop could not repair it.  Would cost a bomb to get it removed by Alpine. 
  • I have been down with the flu bug my whole Manila trip and it ain’t getting better.  Just going into a freezing cinema to watch Fool’s Gold last night, my nose has been running like a tap since!
  • The pimples are coming up on my forehead like there’s no tomorrow.  Even my beautician is appalled!
  • My Ipod crashed and I can’t even reformat it with my iTunes.  Who ever heard of an iPod crashing anttyk asked me the other night!
  • I finally sent my car to wash after a month and was telling Kev over lunch my bad luck.  Just 30 secs after we got the car, it started to rain then pour……..

But then again, there were other good things that happened. I passed the exams I failed so many times before…I errr…..oh well..nevermind.  So is it pure coincidence?

Anyone has some mole reading expertise who can offer some advice?

On another note, next two weeks would be my first time alone in Ipoh.  It should be an adventure driving up there alone and being road direction dumb, it should be a bit of a challenge for me!  Well, let’s hope all goes well and I don’t get lost in Nga Choi Land (beansprout land).  I made a resolution that if all my bad luck vanishes, I will go vegetarian once a week for the rest of the year.


Living my life out of a suitcase April 27, 2008

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And I thought I won’t be travelling for at least another month half.

I woke up this morning to check my emails and got short notice that I’m off to Ipoh next weeks for work! Two whole weeks of Ipoh Nga Choi Kai (Breansprout and Chicken Rice)….My room is becoming my hotel and my suitcase is becoming my wardrobe. 

Better get my ipod fixed FAST!!!  and again it’s me and my CISA textbook during the nights.  I can’t imagine at the speed I’m going, how to finish in time for the exam.  7 1/2 more chapters to go….

No time for Karaoke anymore!! Max Tan…have you heard the Leo Ku’s second 劲歌金曲 II???  Next time you’re back from Sydney, let’s scream part 2 on the top of our lungs!!!!!!!!


Another let down by Malaysian Airlines. April 26, 2008

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MH for Malaysia Hospitality wor..! My foot! 

Yet another disappointment.

Not only have they not responded to my REPEATED complaint letters sent 1 month ago after my horrid 13 hr delay from Brisbane, today I turned up at Ninoy Aquino Airport just to realize that my flight back from Manila on MH 705 was delayed another 1 hr 15 minutes due to some change in aircraft.  How come never tell us? Even Air Asia sends us sms-es for delays.  MAS’ service is getting more absurd day by day!

On the plane, I requested for Pepsi with ICE…the stewardess repeated after me..with ICE.  But not even 30 seconds passed.  She gave me a cup of PEPSI without the ICE.  Errghh..is it the problem with my speech or her hearing abilities. 

Malaysian hospitality really my arse.  Malaysia hostility got lah!


I’m leaving on a jet plane.. April 25, 2008

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Don’t know when I’ll be back again!

Back home today! Wheeeeeeeeee….

These are all the mangoes I am bringing back.  I have a compulsive mango buying disorder.  And it’s all your fault.  You guys know who you are! AHhhaha asking me to buy dried mangoes, fresh mangoes…See u guys back in KL!!!

P/S: Hedz…good luck tonight!  With the girls and the Cleo Bachelor!


Mabuhay….this is Jess blogging on a bright Wednesday morning April 23, 2008

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Mabuhay – A distinct Filipino way of saying ‘welcome’ and ‘long live’. 2 more nights only then I’m leaving on a jet plane back!  Gonna buy more mangoes tonight!

Last night, an idiot came on msn at 11-ish and told me to see a ghost picture captured and posted on his blog.  He was semi-drunk and immediately went offline after that phrase.  So curious but yet damn scaredy cat( alone in the hotel), I got 3 friends :- Sue Ann, Wely and Stanley to be the scapegoats. Sue and Wely gave the same excuses ‘going to sleep la..alone now..don’t want!’.  Only Stanley went in..and saw a pretty scary ghost.  The finally curiosity got the better out of me.  I went in.   ….I must say, it is indeed &*(&$*^*.  Click here if you are not weak hearted.

Yet another stressful day at work. I realized that someone sent me this clip a couple of weeks ago and never had the chance to listen.  Reminds me so much of my ‘Harro, I am ice post’.

Listen to clip here.  This is hee-la-lious!


…..another distraction as at 2.47pm…Lillian Too’s palmistry

and i forgot to congratulate my sister ‘vir’ who’s bf has indirectly proposed and spoken to her family about it!

It’s late evening.  Dear Blog.  I am in such a partially foul partially depressed mood now…imagine you are totally clueless about something and someone expects you to know 100% of it -no time to think, no time to ask.  An answer is expected of you.  And before you can even find out how to go about answering the questions, all the How, Who, Why, When, What surfaces.  Sigh this is life! Makes u feel like a dumb-ass sometimes! Or is it just me being too emo?

P/S:  How do u pronounce ‘TORTOISE’?  I thought it was so weird when I heard my friend pronounce it as TOR-TOY-S last week and apparently some other people also pronounced it that way, so I just found out. I had this small debate with vir -tortoys, tortise?  So is it just us Malaysians?  Imagine how stupid we must sound pronouncing TOR-TISE to them and vice versa.  I decided to check on dictionary.com….drumrolls please….  [tawr-tuhs]   YES!!!!!! I’m close!


Stubborn, just plan stubborn April 22, 2008

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In general, most people are stubborn. 

Oblivious to the fact that my sore throat was coming back with no proper medication – just the old faithful Strepsils, I still ‘whacked’ 2 BBQ squids, 2 BBQ chicken wings, 2 BBQ coffee beef ribs and 1 sausage this afternoon during the buffet lunch.  Ahh temptations!  It’s 10.00 pm and I’m looking at the mirror while thinking of a topic to blog-pimples, pimples and more pimples….arrrrgghh – the result of over eating grilled stuff.  Thank god I don’t have a weighing scale here or I may just cry.

She – a friend, suffered an infection and was given one week’s of antibiotics.  Obviously, the antibiotics did not work very well and the nagging signs persisted.  She dragged on. 1 day, 2 day, 3 day , 4 whole days!  Why?  Doctor’s diagnosis – if the infection persists, a surgery cannot be avoided.  What? A surgery – needles and blood, two phobias. 

Finally, after 4 days, she gave in.  Yes, it was THE DREADED.  Another bout of medication was given.  3 days.  If the condition remains, the surgery is inevitable. 

Poor girl.  I hope the best for her.