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Another let down by Malaysian Airlines. April 26, 2008

Filed under: Complaints,Malaysian Airlines — siaoyue @ 12:18 am

MH for Malaysia Hospitality wor..! My foot! 

Yet another disappointment.

Not only have they not responded to my REPEATED complaint letters sent 1 month ago after my horrid 13 hr delay from Brisbane, today I turned up at Ninoy Aquino Airport just to realize that my flight back from Manila on MH 705 was delayed another 1 hr 15 minutes due to some change in aircraft.  How come never tell us? Even Air Asia sends us sms-es for delays.  MAS’ service is getting more absurd day by day!

On the plane, I requested for Pepsi with ICE…the stewardess repeated after me..with ICE.  But not even 30 seconds passed.  She gave me a cup of PEPSI without the ICE.  Errghh..is it the problem with my speech or her hearing abilities. 

Malaysian hospitality really my arse.  Malaysia hostility got lah!


5 Responses to “Another let down by Malaysian Airlines.”

  1. anttyk Says:

    Malaysian Hostility! Hahaha… Good one.

  2. Adam Says:

    Try AirAsia, you wont even get pepsi..

  3. Paula Says:

    The following is our experience with Malaysia Airlines when we flew with them in 2008. My Husband and I booked our flight in Sept 2008 from Perth via Kuala Lumpur to London. However at Kuala Lumpur we were held up with mechanical problems(starter Motor we are told.First they said it would not start, then said it was being repaired, and then they were having to replace it . After nearly 3hrs we and 280 passengers were becoming extremely hot and distressed with no water and also no Air conditioning. It was only when we demanded something be done that finally the plane was taxied back to the Airport where we then had to wait a further 1hr,still with no water. I sent a letter of complaint to Malaysia Airlines asking why was it that why we the passengers were made to wait in those conditions for so long. Then only when we started complaining was something done and were allowed off theAircraft. I received a letter of apology,saying they will endeavour to see that these situations that we experienced are to be looked at and the services improved. We will never fly Malaysian Airlines again. For a major Airline such as this I am disgusted, and shall never fly with them in future.

  4. Rena Says:

    I have came accross to your blog, sorry to hear your story but this story even more seriously worse MH stands from Malaysian Horror http://www.simsonlai.org/mh-malaysian-horror-stay-away-from-this-company/

    • siaoyue Says:

      helo rena,

      such a coincidence, I had someone complain about MH to me yesterday and i’ve blogged about it on iamsiaoyue.blogspot.com

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