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Who’s Who page updated May 31, 2008

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‘who’s who’ page has been updated today


Missing my Melbourne days…

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I’ve just finished watching the stupidest ever 1 hr movie in the cinema.  Superhero.  It’s awfully late.. way past my bed time.  Was chatting with Taki on msn for a while and told him I was off to bed.  That was 40 minutes ago.    I’m still online and Facebooking at 12.42 am.  I am about to put some toothpicks to keep my eyelids open cause I just started chatting to an old friend, P, on the msn on our crazy, wild times in Melbourne way back in 2000.  Can’t believe 8 years has just flown past, just like that.  I AM OLD.

Seriously, that year has got to be the most unforgettable time of the 5 years I spent there:-

  • The endless karaokes.  If I’d still maintained that lifestyle now, I’d probably look 46 and not 26;
  • The ‘ah lian’ drinking games and the puking afters..that’s where my ah lian traits come from.  But no more.  I’m polished and refined now ha ha ha;
  • Him giving me his silly dog cause he moved to a smaller place.  Guess what he named the Pomeranian :- ta dah…ROCKY.  I remember our dog was so stupid and we had a cat at home too, the dog was afraid of ‘Siu Fu’, our cat.  Jerjer, my housemate then used to punish the dog by making him stand on 2 legs in the corner cause he’d (the dog-don’t even try to imagine how he did that) used to do his business all over our little apartment ;
  • A group of us just hanging out at his place doing absolutely nothing.  Or you can let your mind wander and imagine if we really did do some hanky panky stuff.  I mean come on a group of students … surely you can’t just hang out, chill and do nothing right?;
  • Working part time together.  My first attempt at earning my own money waitering;
  • Me being absolutely banana then, learning the Taiwanese way of speaking mandarin.  See Sean, no need pay money to goto Shanghai drink beer study chinese.  Just goto karaoke more often, can do lah

I really do miss those carefree, worry free about money days.  Our only duty then was to study, get the assignments in on time and pass everything.  Ahh….those uni days.  If only we could turn back time…….I’d give anything to go back to those days!




Chirpy Day May 29, 2008

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Today is one of the chirpiest days I’ve had in a looooonnng time.  I’ve probably told some of you why but I’m not going to blog it in here.  Let this be a little secret with my closest buds.  I’m so chripy that not even Uncle Alcoholic NL calling me Bob (as in sponge) will affect me :).  Maybe of all the alcohol that’s filled his brains, he mind works like a snail too and can’t tell the difference between a pretty chic and sponge?  Sponge Bob meets snail!


I don’t see the similiarity wat! Do you?

A couple of months back, come to think of it, I don’t even know when I said it but I did.  I made a promised to a certain 肥仔 (‘fei jai’) that I would get him something from every country that I go to for work.  I have not kept to the promise , that’s cause I can’t remember where and when I made it and gotten so much shit for it.  Why did I get myself into this? Haha, cause he’s been a great friend all these years I guess and I’ve never done anything for him.  God, what a corny statement to make too!

Many years back, my friend, I, did the exact same thing for me on all his Europe backpacking trips.  And until today, I still think it’s the sweetest thing a friend can do for you.

I’m going down to Kiasu-land, Singapore, this Sunday for 10 days, again for work.  So this time I made a resolution to keep my promise.  But what can you buy another alcoholic in Singapore for a Malaysian, even though its the Great Singapore Sales.  A ‘I LOVE SINGAPORE’ T shirt?  Or a Sentosa Island Post card? Or even a fridge magnet? Damn.

Any ideas?


Going to Macau…but then maybe not May 28, 2008

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Hoooohoo I did something spontaneous today.  I booked the Air Asia flight to Macau for January 2009.   I missed the sales but RM514 for return flight including insurance is not a bad deal still.  I was estatic until virlau reminded me that our semi-annual major company training is normally held (not in KL for 2009) in the first week of January which would ultimately clash with my trip.

Damn..penny wise pound foolish.  Now I’d probably have to pay extra to reschedule.


About nothing… May 27, 2008

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It’s a damn boring and slow day at work today.  Tick tock tick tock.  The packing up for the new office is progressing at snail’s pace.

All my girls are not productive at work as well.

Sooyin ak.a. Sue is so bored she’s asking me to blog about her, cause it’s been a while her name has appeared on my blog.  It’s because SHE  SIMPLY HAS NO TIME FOR ME AS SHE’S TOO BUSY WITH HER DIVING, HER SO CALLED RESCUE DIVING COURSE AND DROOLING OVER HER BUFFED DIVERS THAT WE’VE HARDLY HUNG OUT EXCEPT FOR THAT SUNDAY BRUNCH IN ‘HO CHUN TAK’.   Me, Her and Yellow Chimp (yes, we treat him like one of the girls) are still bitching about everything under the sun from ‘That gay dude’ to ‘ My ‘dar-ling’ who lives slightly north of KL (uhuh?)‘ to ‘Which chics would Yellow Chimp want to hang out with’ and even ‘Flabby tum-tums’!

Because it’s been so long, in case you’d all forgotten her face

Even Jen, who’s 4eva bitching about her work is finally leaving her audit firm in HK after 1 1/2 years and getting off work at 5.30 pm sharp.  Today I’ve been listening to her stories on her ‘spark-less love life’ and fascinating new ‘someone’ almost there but not so there yet in her life.

Mama, down south, who normally takes ages to reply, is doing some so-called ‘brainless work’ in office can afford to finish work sharp on the dot and reply my msn faster than usual and also do some window shopping tonight.

What an un-productive Tuesday. Can u imagine when Friday comes – we’ll all be just waiting to get home at 9am. 


Bye bye iPod May 26, 2008

RIP Ipod

D.O.B:  Can’t remember ..approximately 1 1/2 years ago

Death: April 12, 2008 on the way to Manila

Was at the MAC shop in 1U last night to collect my dead iPod with my 2 friends.  But to my surprise, this was what the MAC fler told me – ‘ sometimes the ipod a bit crazy one, try to charge it once in a while when you’re free, it may just work again.  But for now the hard disk really cannot work already..’  3 of us were scratching our heads……so to bury it or to try to revive it once in a while and hope for miracle.  Was also so tempted to get the iPod touch, but then again…no la, then I will have no money for my Coach bag when I go to HK for the summer sales cum meeting. Ha ha…sigh…girls and their material stuff….


Went to watch ‘What Happens in Vegas’ last night.  I can relate to Cameron Diaz’s character in the movie.  Only 5 words to describe the movie – predictable plot but bloody hilarious!


Logged on to MAS website in the late evening to check out their $0 sales.  Yes, yes call me a hypocrite…cause of all the bitching I have posted on my blog on their absolutely disgraceful service.  Tempted to backpack alone to Siam Reap or Hanoi (something I’ve wanted to do for a while now) during the Deepavali hols in October, the only free slot in my absolutely packed job schedule….return flight costs almost RM500.  Not sure if it’s a good deal or if I’m game to travel alone.



Girls’ Night Out (GNO) May 24, 2008

Before I begin my post on my GNO, let me say that I knew anttyk was going to give me shit about ‘aeroplaning’ him on this morning’s Pork Fiesta Bak-Kut-Teh Brunch.  Ha ha, let me clarify.  I really did HAVE to go back to office this morning to pack all the files as we’re finally moving office next week!

My 3 1/2 hrs of hard work sorting out all the files back to 1995, seperating them by year into the boxes.  It will be a new environment, new work email, new business cards, new furnitures, ooh…I am so looking forward to it!


Last night was superb fun.  It’s hard to get all the girls finally together for a GNO- with the exception of Loong, Angeline’s other half who joined us.

Cause most of them were caught up at work, only 3 of us made it to dinner at my old schoolmate, Patrick’s ‘My Elephant’ restaurant. 

I’ve heard great reviews about this restaurant situation amongst some flats near the Shell station in section 17 PeeJay and finally decided to give it a try last night.  Was pleasantly surprised at the deco – chic yet comfy.  With some recommendations from the waiter, we finally decided with the following dishes:

Fish cake comes in a serving of 6 pieces

‘My elephant’ tom yam.  We were told it’s one of the spiciest soups served there and my were they right!

Brown rice is served instead of the usual white rice

Stir-fry Thai style kai-lan with mushrooms

The last of the dishes we ordered was the fried chicken nuggets..

Nothing served there is a disappointment – the servings were just right, food deco was a-ok and taste was just..fantastic.  You have to try it to believe it.  Only downside was that they did not serve any desserts.  A mango sticky rice would have made the meal so perfect! RM55 for all the above dishes – not bad huh!


We started our Karaoke session at the Red Box curve at 10 sharp.  Poor Joanna who did not make it to dinner was absolutely starving and had to settle with the buffet provided. Ah, but from her look in the pic below, I think she did not mind the food one bit!

From l-r: Angeline a.k.a Linlin, Susu, Laura, Me and Joanna

Wa ha ha, my friend Wendy once told me that this was the happening pose for Jap -chics.  We’re trying to imitate but I think fail miserably-la.

Below: Malaysian idol in the making.  Pretty, sings like Christina, young ..but sorry she’s already taken!

We called it a night at 1.  All of us were almost voice-less after all the shouting, screaming on top of our lungs.  Too bad our King of K Max Tan is so FARAWAY in Sydney and can’t join us! 🙂



Fussy Pot May 23, 2008

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After my Jap class which ended at 8.30 last night, I went to pick Quotation Boy, Kelvin from PJ Hilton who’s down from Singapore for a 2 week job, coincidentally in the same company as Bert’s godfather.  A quick recap why he’s been branded quotation boy.  Couple of months back, he was down in KL for job.  We all took him out for drinks.  He got drunk, slept in the car.  We fetched him back.  Woke up him in the car.  First thing he said ‘Do you want a quotation?’  The stresses of working life! 🙂

Because he mentioned he wanted to eat CRABS, i thought the nearest place would be Fatty Crab in Taman Megah.  BUT NO…..too small wor the crabs there -meat like too scanty not like in Singapore where the chili crabs meat ‘looks as if they are bursting out from the shells’.  Ok so considering we were on the LDP highway, I zoomed off to Bandar Manjarala another 15 mins away.

At that famous crab place in Bandar Manjarala (again, don’t ask me the name, I only know how to get there!), we had 2 kg of crabs, 1 house speciality tofu and a plate of vege.  Oh and again the crabs apparently were still too small but the taste was still great.  Luckily no disappointment and the bill was pretty reasonable.  After dinner, our kiasu-land friend decided that he wanted ‘something sweet’.  Die la at 10.30pm where to take him?  So we went to SS2.  Any preference.  ‘Nope..’ ok la…then i took him to a random ‘char chan teng’ in the area cause my favourite one beside the SS2 police station either closed down or was not open.  Sat down. Looked at the menu – nopes, decided not his cup of tea.  Ha ha maybe he could not get 3 quotations to compare if the price was competitve or not amongst the SS2 char chan teng, he suddenly decided he wanted to goto Coffee Bean across the road- at least pricing all standard across Malaysia. !! GGrrrrrmmpph!

We called it a night at aound 12-ish.  At least he was nice enough to pay for food and drinks! 🙂  Fussy pot!



My Bag Tag..doh anttyk…! May 21, 2008

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Anttyk suddenly sent me an sms, disrupting me HARD AT WORK! So today I have 2 blog posts.  His sms goes like this “U’ve been tagged mwahaha.” I was like “huh”.  So anyway, he told me to look at his blog.

It’s a BAG TAG?????Errr…….WTF

Ok. Here goes.

I carry a brown Furla bag that is spanking new, that was given to me by my mo-ther in return for 6 Ipoh Salted Chickens (pretty good deal huh).  It has got 1 large compartment, 2 side pockets, one hidden pocket and a mobile phone pocket.

Large Compartment

Passport holder with passport inside, ENRICH frequent flyer, KrisFlyer, Asia Miles, some old boarding passes just-in-case MAS stupidly forgets to credit my frequent flyer points.  Why am i carrying my passport out? …..

Indonesian visa application form for my upcoming Jakarta trip

Anna Sui compact mirror – my birthday present from Jerry last year. 

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect 097 from mama and Laura as a birthday gift as well last year.

Alexander McQueen Sunnies.

House keys

15 pages of work documents

An almost 5 year old Burberry Purse – 45 cents, RM246 (normally I don’t carry that much – just for the visa application), 3 credit cards, IC, Driver’s Licence that expires in 2014, ATM Card, Amulets, Medical Card, Doctor’s Appointment Card, Bonus Link, Metrojaya Reward Card, Marriott Reward Card, Juice Works Loyalty Card, SOS Medical Card, AAM Membership Card

Side Pocket No.1

4G pen drive which is now full.. from storing all the TVB series to burn for Uncle tonight from my personal laptop

and another 1G pen drive

Side Pocket No.2

My Civic’s car keys with a fake, red Salvatore Ferragamo key chain

Mobile Phone Pocket

Red Mobile Phone Pouch which contains my faithful Nokia E65.  The one and only side pocket contains  my YogaZone membership card – yes you heard me right, condo’s access card, 3 business cards, MSIG Travel Insurance Card, EgoFit (gym wear boutique) loyalty card that has long expired. Original YogaZone Membership original receipt to claim my free massage this week.

Hidden Pocket

Blue Pen

Female stuff

12 passport size photographs. Ha ha – you think i am crazy?

That’s it ! )

I tag the following people.

Jennifer – a best friend’s gotta do what a best friend’s gotta do

Sass-O – simply because she’s getting hitched

NicB – he needs more entertainment to his life


Happy Birthday, Pa! May 20, 2008

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Today my fa-sher turns 53.  Yesterday, I bought him a blueberry cheesecake from San Terri’s.

After dinner, we wanted to cut the cake.

Mom: When you want to ask your dad to cut the cake?

Me: Now la… paaaa…..come and cut your cake, we bought you a cake!

Dad: No need la….

Me: Aiyo, so boring one, bought cake already dont want to cut!

Mom: Your dad always like this..nevermind la he is busy on the Internet, tomorrow only cut.

..2 hrs later…..Mom is still out with her friends and I just finsihed watching The Other Boleyn Girl on my laptop..

Dad: * chomp chomp chomp* Where you buy this cake from, quite good ah!

Me: (OMG) You ate the cake already?!?&%^^%&%&^*


P/S: Anybody managed to get the free air asia tickets during their sale?  All air tickets to Perth and Gold Coast were fully sold out by the time I tried to log in on all the days I tried.  Just my luck!!!!!