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Guess who got asked for I.Ds at Zouk last night? May 1, 2008

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…was it Cleo Bachelor 2008’s top 50 finalist, Hedzri or do you think it was Kevin?

or do you think it was Soojin a.k.a horse or Yellow Chimpanzee DC (right)..whoa check out that pose!

This is me and Horse impersonating Yellow Chimp’s cool look!  Who does it better?

Horse and his missus…













6 Responses to “Guess who got asked for I.Ds at Zouk last night?”

  1. anttyk Says:

    Hahah. Must be you lar… Since you asked it like that.

  2. siaoyue Says:

    anttyk: nooo not me…! i look my age! muahaha

  3. d.ass Says:

    haha if anttyk went, me sure he will kena ask for i.d. for being overage. wahahahhaah.

  4. Sean Says:

    why’s daniel so red? or was that at the end of the night? still unacceptable.

    it’d be funny if it was horse that got asked for ID…repeat of genting!! hhahahahha

  5. Sean Says:

    my comments are being blocked here too? 😦 where’s the love!??!?!?

  6. siaoyue Says:

    Sean: the first one was in the spam section..but the second one came out fine…haha no..it was kevin being asked for IDs!

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