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I nearly cried… May 18, 2008

Filed under: Moments of sadness — siaoyue @ 1:02 pm

when i saw this picture from the recent Sichuan Earthquake……..


5 Responses to “I nearly cried…”

  1. smoking_gan Says:

    There was a news in The Star yesterday that showed a girl with one leg amputated with a fireman axe so that she can be pulled from the rubble to save her life. All she begged for was to cut that limp off, she wanted to live on, with or without it.

    I thought that was the most disturbing news I will read for this tragic event, until I saw another in Nanyang. A man at the brim of dying was trapped so deep in the rubble, the rescuers could not reach his leg that got stuck. So they tossed him a saw, and he freed himself by leaving a limp behind. I really hoped I could have done something… :((

  2. siaoyue Says:

    what really amazes me is their will to live on. some of them have been stuck for alsmot a week.

  3. tommy Says:


  4. commonfriend Says:

    i read about a child buried deep in the rubble begging a doctor to save him/ her. Unfortunately, being too deep, the doc could not reach for him/her and his/her voice slowly faded away to death.

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