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Really.. OH MY GOD! June 17, 2008

Filed under: Entertainment,Pointless Rants — siaoyue @ 3:00 pm

Stanley called me last night to chat.  I must have sounded so bored that he suggested I sign up with speeddate.com – this online speed dating site where you have 3 mins to get acquainted with someone before time’s up and u move on.  Ok well, since there was nobody to chat with on MSN at that time, I decided to give it a go and sms-ed my two other single Male friends, Kev and Wely to try.  I would have asked Sooyin too but she’s too busy being serenaded (is there such a word) by her Spanish ‘guapo senor’ (handsome dude in Spanish apparently…a word i learnt from her)

Ok.  So three of us registered and hence our began our adventures. So the two of them found me using the ‘Recently Added’ features and ……. to my ultimate HORROR when i saw that Kev has registered using this nick

I mean who would call themself a man dragon….unless their erm manhood..is errrr well….no comments. 

Maybe then, his nick isn’t so bad after all cause i browsed through the whole listing of males between 27 and 32 and found ‘Dragons’ who looked like he came out from some Bollywood movie!


But then having a corny nick isnt nearly as bad as posting your semi-nude picture and claiming u speak 5 languages and asking chics to try you….

..or perhaps even claiming to be a leng zai (handsome) but only revealing your eyes….in you profile pic

Well, of course there are also the shy ones, who do not put their pics and try to remain some elements of mystery..

And so, I was relating my erm..speed dating experience to George and…apparently, he has his fair share too ( oh god, he is so gonna kill me when he realized I have actually pasted his whole msn conversation)

George says: 


 u know dat day having lunch with colleagues in KK la rite.. (as in Kota Kinabalu)


siaoyue – https://siaoyue.wordpress.com says: 


 what what 

siaoyue – https://siaoyue.wordpress.com says: 


 ya ya 


 George says: 


so extended lunch time ma..


George says: 

2 hours lunch ahah


George says: 

so i ask them eh wat u guys to around here la..


  siaoyue – https://siaoyue.wordpress.com says: 


 siaoyue – https://siaoyue.wordpress.com says: 




 George says: 


 then they brought me to this place…speed dating one

George says: 

u know those lunch time speed date thing



George says: 


wah lan eh i tell u ah..



George says: 

the guys in kl also better looking than the girls there wei 

 (i thought he had a typo of some sort! -noticed it’s actually guys and not girls)


 George says: 


  somoemroe need to spend 3 mins with each participant.. damn torturing…


16 Responses to “Really.. OH MY GOD!”

  1. aaronC Says:

    no wonder you have no time for me.. checking out other guys eh ?

    btw… did you enjoyed the nice dinner we had at alexis ?

  2. siaoyue Says:

    aaron: hehehe lovely beef ball noodles and choco cake…no wonder ur getting fatter and fatter!

  3. aaronC Says:

    yeah. you too your tummy looks fat when you showed me that day.. need to cut down a bit then will be nice.

  4. siaoyue Says:

    aaron : AS*h*** when did i even show u!!! on defensive mode! hahaha

  5. HandsomeDragon Says:

    I’ve tried http://www.SpeedDate.com too. It’s really different from any site I’ve been on but I met some cool people really quickly. Nice!

  6. mama Says:

    So if your friend is called ManDragon.. what is your nick?

  7. smoking_gan Says:

    Try siaoyue81 😉

  8. siaoyue Says:

    mama & smoking gan: nopes ur wrong! hahahahah! I am ‘Pamela Anderson’ ha ha ha ha ha ha

  9. smoking_gan Says:

    Not everyone can be pamela anderson you know… hehehe

  10. Cheshire Cat Says:

    Oh! Speed dating! I would love to try that sorta stuff out! Maybe i will register as “Thunder Lips – The Ultimate Male Specimen”. I speak 5 languages too, Aussie, English, American, Canadian, and British Virgin Isle-ish. Hahahaha…

    It’s no wonder it’s called speed dating. Nobody can put up with more than 3 minutes of these guys…i doubt even their mothers could. Lil’ fishy, if you go just go for the “freak show” i’m sure it’ll be entertaining…but if you want nice guys, come to HK! =)

  11. siaoyue Says:

    cheshire: looking down upon yourself…..u forgot u can speak the HK canto too, aussie canto, malay english!

  12. anttyk Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ManDragon. Hahahahahahahahaha!

  13. aaronC Says:

    when are we going dating again ? 🙂

  14. ManDragon Says:

    oh the pain….. the humiliation….. ahahaha =P

  15. Cheshire Cat Says:

    Thanks fishy. I’ve just added the additional languages to my profile, and subequently 1x weird lookin’ guy who likes oyster bars and dances to the Village People version of “YMCA” and a US trailer park wife have shown interest. Bwahahaha… IF only i had a REAL profile…

  16. siaoyue Says:

    anttyk: eh at least he got guts to put MAN DRAGOn!
    mandragon: double muahahahhahahahahahah
    cheshire cat: hahaha…i dont want to be slapped by Aggie when i goto HK ok!

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