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Shopping in Hong Kong June 26, 2008

Filed under: Travel — siaoyue @ 10:49 pm

I’ve gotten my shopping list ready for Hong Kong!

I am sooooo excited.  Just 2 more nights!

I’m going to buy myself:

-G2000 clothes and lots of em!

-Clothes from ‘Ng’ boutique in Beverly shopping centre in CWB.  Love their stylo milo working attire.

-More clothes and shoes

-Shoes and more clothes 🙂

-Birthday pressies for all the July, Aug and even 1 September babies!

-‘Sat Ke Mah’ biscuit, which is someone’s favourite but has declined my offer to get it cause he’s sworn of junk food….

Not going to get another branded bag in case I get insulted from Nick about my BAD TASTE on buying Petaling Street lookalike bags…I want to get the IPOD touch but I can’t afford it after my not-meant-to-be shopping spree during the Great Singapore Sales.

And for some of the not-shy people (you know who you are) who have asked me to get you the following:

-Almond cookies from the ‘shop with the red signboards that you can find all over Mongkok.  Uhuh!!!

-Macross Robotech SF-1 (Ok, so I don’t have a childhood because I really don’t know WTF this is but apparently can get tons of this toy in Mongkok). 

-Sniper Rifle (ya right!)

-Portable mahjong table ????

 I just know that I am going to have a whale of a time there! 


One Response to “Shopping in Hong Kong”

  1. anttyk Says:

    Get the 3G iPhone when it is launched on July 11.

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