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I don’t even know where to begin! June 28, 2008

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I’m just jinxed to be on planes.  FULLSTOP

My adventures in Jakarta began with the gun incident.  Then I had an absolutely crazy week at work.  Finally today I thought TGIF.  I’m finally going home in style on KLM Business Class, and I can collect my second collectible item from them..all their houses have a different number, I think about 70 plus houses for u to collect them all.  Seems like I will only get to collect one this year…

I’m not going to write 5 paragraphs on how they screwed my evening/night/Friday, whatever.  To sum it up,  I thought Malaysia Airlines was bad.  This is my first experience on KLM.  THEY CANCELLED THE FLIGHT DUE TO SOME MAINTENANCE WORK BEING CARRIED OUT ON THE %*&(* PLANE.  ORIGINALLY IT WAS MEANT TO DELAY 3 HOURS.  MAS IS FULLY BOOKED OUT.  SINGAPORE AIRLINES TOO.  THE EARLIEST WE CAN FLY OUT IS 7-8AM JAKARTA TIME ON SATURDAY.  I HAVE CHECKED IN MY CATHAY PACIFIC FLIGHT CX722 TO HONGKONG FROM KLIA AT 1.45pm SATURDAY.  Almost every agitated passenger I spoke to tonight on the plane cancellation had some nasty experience with KLM cancelling their flights all together.  I feel like I’m in some epsiode of the Amazing Race Asia getting to my destination.  Last team will BE ELIMINATED…

So how did I end home at 1am tonight??

Ta dah!  Air Asia is my saviour today!!

Ok, so it’s not Business Class.  So what.  I still love Tony Fernandez tonight although I had to fork out an extra couple of hundred bucks to fly back.  ( I wow not to blog negatively about Air Asia for 1 year from tonight on..hahah!)

So what if their famous nasi lemak did not look anything like their menu??

so what if most of their new items on the menu were OUT OF STOCK..roti jala, roti canai, sandwich nada…even their nasi lemak and nasi briyani were limited in quantity.  So, although I did not feel hungry, BUT i had the privilege of sitting in the first 4 rows, die die also want to fight with people for the nasi lemak. Ha ha

They still got me to LCCT by 11.30 pm on a Friday.

I hope I have a better flight tomorrow.

Some pictures I took In jakarta…

View from the plane on 22/06/08

Remember in my earlier blog posts on how they serve plain white rice in KFC?

bert looking fresh and excited in the Manhattan hotel on our very first night in Jakarta..

bert after our absolutely mad rush in home sweet home…..



2 Responses to “I don’t even know where to begin!”

  1. Sass Says:

    no photo with you nor did you come to my birthday dinner! sob sob

    your luck in jakarta is so damn bad!

    come to my wedding then u hv excuse to collect the klm house. and so far the ppl i know who fly klm havent had bad experience! so weird.

  2. anttyk Says:

    So kesian…. Poor poor……….. Bert!


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