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Shopping and Food Heaven! June 30, 2008

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The weekend came and went.  What you can do in Hong Kong is basically self explanatory.

Just eat and shop.

Everyone went back to work today, so I’m left to wander the streets of Hong Kong alone.  Met up with Cheshire the Cat for some healthy, soupy lunch then went to Mongkok to look for that Robotech whatever toy.  Nope…no luck… Ended up buying this Bert for HKD300….which was not even on my shopping list. Damnnn…who’s fault is it now?

Don’t give me that ‘Not another Bert’ killing stare.  This one’s different.  Look closer at his face.  The fabric’s different!!!

I’ve not splurged a lot yet.  Thankfully.  Won’t be blogging for the rest of the trip until after I get back.  My job training officially starts Wednesday, so which means that I only have one full day more of shopping tomorrow.

Some pics taken during the weekend

Yum-cha with the ‘jee mui’ and bestie in Wan Chai on Sunday

Hotpot dinner at Little Lamb as soon as I arrived in Hong Kong on Saturday night.  Gee..I LOVE the hotpots in Hong Kong.  Can never get the same quality in KL.

The sea bass’ tail was still flipping when this sashimi dish was served….Poor poor fish





4 Responses to “Shopping and Food Heaven!”

  1. mama Says:

    I told you so.. kekek

    “There is never enough of bags for us girls.. and shoes.. and clothes.. and accessories.. and BERTs..

    mama said this on June 10, 2008 at 10:29 pm

    mama: so far i have enough of berts la…..havent bought any since March hahah….

    siaoyue said this on June 10, 2008 at 10:30 pm”

  2. anttyk Says:

    HKD300??!?? Wahlau! How many Berts do you have now? 30?

  3. siaoyue Says:

    anttyk: hahaah i don’t think i have 30….maybe 20??

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