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The only consolation to my awful week July 31, 2008

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First it was the income tax penalty.


Then, a cancelled overseas trip.


The laptop I use for work was infected with a virus and seems to affect the performance of my laptop incredibly.  I virtually have to restart every 1/2 hour.


Followed by my maid becoming hysterical and fainted yesterday morning all because Mom did not approve her day off.  Rushed her off to the hospital.  Upon doctor (who diagnosed it as ‘faking it’) and the agent’s advice, we have to send her back although her contract only officially expires end of next month.   Which means, this weekend, I have to do my own laundry, ironing, cooking and cleaning. 


And it’s only Thursday……


The only consolation was I had a orgasmic dinner at Hajime last night, my all time favourite Japanese restaurant on the expense of a friend 🙂



Just the 2 of us, we had raw fish with truffle oil, chawan mushi, foie gras maki, almost 7 kinds of sashimi, mini chicken pizza, shake bomb (salmon wrapped with foie gras..an absolute delight), soft shell crab with salmon maki, Wasa Beef (pan fried beef with wasabi), and umeshu jelly.  Yummmmmm…


I asked for it… July 29, 2008

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Today I got slapped with a penalty from the Inland Revenue Board.  Don’t ask me why also – yes it’smy freaking fault.  RM 446.98.  Never f*** around with these guys.  Damn!  I am so pissed and poor now…


Can someone shout me a beer?


Soo Jin’s BIG Birthday Celebration July 26, 2008

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We had a mini birthday bash for the ‘Horse’ (who’s bday falls on July 28) at WabiSabi in TTDI Plaza last night.  But he wanted me to make it sound like a HUGE celebration, hence the title of the post.  Honoured guests for this ‘zoo’ party include Sue Ann the errr ‘babboon’, Jack the sloth and his missus, Amy, Big Eyed Goldfish KC, DC the Yellow Chimp, Hedz and his girls, myself the fish, and Sam. 

Amy, who’s currently into photography took many many pics with her Nikon.  I’m not gonna post the pictures taken from my Ixus 80 (later embarass myself only!).  These pics are the masterpieces of Amy.

We decided against embarassing him with the cake.  So Jack-O bought him a ‘flaming’.  But our once wild horse has already been pussified domesticated by his missus, had to share the ‘drink’ with his once side kick.

All the macho, macho men…..

Obviously Jack did not want to be outdone by these macho macho men..

Fuiyoh, so ‘gaya’.  I think next year we can nominate Jack for the Women’s Weekly Hunky Husbands!

We  also tried to model…




The Bridesmaid from HELL July 25, 2008

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Was chatting to one of my friend’s about her wedding.


I’m going to be one of her bridesmaids.


We have thought of one (of the many) torture game for the groom and his mates on the ‘pick up bride’ morning.  (Inspiration from the sushi scene from Sex and the City).  Ours is similiar except we will have 10% sashimi and 90% wasabi.


An artist impression of how the groom would look topless with the sashimi bits.


Every best man would have his share of the sushi.  No need to fight.  Won’t disclose which lucky groom.  Now we won’t want to spoil the surprise right?


How awful can your date be? July 24, 2008

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What’s the most cheapskate thing he has ever done on a date..siaoyue asks?????


a) Made you go dutch (if you’re a girl la..there’s no equality when it comes to such thing right)? 


b) Offer to pick you on his bicycle in view of rising petrol costs (Maybe only anttyk would be capable of such things..) or worst, not even offering to pick you or suggesting you take public transport?  But nothing beats, asking you to pick him cause he lives on the way!


c) Not buying you dinner and asking you to have a ‘popcorn’ dinner while watching your planned movie date.  His excuse, ‘We’re running late….’


d)  Offering to shout dinner, but restricting you to what you can eat.  Again the reason being, ‘I ain’t that hungry’.  But you know for sure that what you’ve/he’s ordered isn’t even enough for a gal going on a diet.


e) Conveniently excusing himself to the toilet just when the waiter is about to bring the bill?  Or using the ‘I left my wallet in the car’ excuse???


What are your thoughts?


What constitutes embezzlement? July 23, 2008

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The Pakatan Rakyat State Government in Penang has been accused of ’embezzling’ RM30 mil by the State Umno Secretary, Datuk Azhar Ibrahim.


The Star reports:


“The state says that it is trying to save money by flying economy class and implementing austerity measures but it is actually embezzling the people’s money by not collecting the illegal hawking and parking compounds issued before March 8,” said the Penaga assemblyman who twice described himself as a “good guy” in his debate on the motion of thanks on the Yang di-Pertua Negri Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas’s speech.

State exco member Phee Boon Poh (DAP-Sungai Puyu) stood up to demand clarification from Azhar on how the state had embezzled the people’s money.

“The state’s duty is to collect the compounds but it did not, so that is menyelewenglah! Why are you taking care of those who are guilty? What about those who have paid, do they get a refund?” Azhar, who is state Umno secretary, retorted.


I am not even going to bother doing a wikipedia or dictionary.com search on the meaning of ‘embezzlement‘.  Even my 15 year old cousin can give me a better explanation than this fler. 


Thank you Datuk Azhar, for enlightening me and 21 million other Malaysians on the real meaning of embezzlement.


Note: I paid RM12 on behalf of my friend, Fu for the movie ticket for Red Cliff.  Please do not menyeleweng my money and return it promptly ok!


My secret affair! July 21, 2008

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In order to make my ‘outing’ with the legendary Ah C look not so obvious, we called Ah A along and had a fun ‘threesome’ in a not so secluded cafe somewhere 10 minutes from Mid Valley Mega Mall.  Remember the Ah C?  One of the very few ppl who cannot be named for confidentiality reasons as I fear for both our lives…muahahaha

This is the mysterious Ah C with his Dunhill!