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To sum up my Hong Kong trip July 6, 2008

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I realized that if i move my laptop to my room, I can actually steal my neighbour’s wireless to use!

Ha ha ha

Anyway here are some pictures to sum up my one week Hong Kong job training cum shopping trip..

I’ve been to Hong Kong probably a hundred times but have never ever visited the Wong Tai Sin temple. So last Tuesday morning, I got up at 8.10 am after a late night out and tagged along with Jean, who was in HK with her bf, brother and bro’s gf.

Another thing that was a first time to me. Taking the ferry from Tsim Tsa Tsui to Wan Chai. Only HKD2. Not exactly looking my best after a whole day shopping spree with Angeline.

Dinner at TOTT’s on the 34th floor of The Excelsior hotel with my Group Audit colleagues. Absolutely gorgeous sunset.

The ‘sau pau’ (birthday ‘pau’) in Hong Kong are huge compared to the ones we get in our Chinese restaurants here. Hmm..but come to think of it. Our dinner at this Chinese restaurant in Pacific Place was meant to be a farewell for one of my colleagues..why the birthday pau?

Went bar hopping with the girls and 1 guy in Lan Kwai Fong on my last night in Hong Kong.



CK was too kind to get us 2 rounds of drinks. So we repaid his kindness with a B151 shot.

At Finds, the 3 of us caught eye of a cute waiter. The chics got CK to ask for his number for me. This is what transpired..
CK: My friend here (pointing at me) wants to get your number..
Cute waiter: Yes you can call me here..
CK: No…can we get your mobile number?
Cute waiter: Ok…(and hands us a namecard)

4 of us took it and glared at it……WTF….he gave us the name card of the bar..with only the name, phone number and address of the bar. Not even his name. So embarassing!!!!!!!

Muahaha, don’t even try to ask me what I bought in HK apart from the overpriced Bert!!!!!


One Response to “To sum up my Hong Kong trip”

  1. anttyk Says:

    Looks like you had fun… 🙂

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