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How awful can your date be? July 24, 2008

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What’s the most cheapskate thing he has ever done on a date..siaoyue asks?????


a) Made you go dutch (if you’re a girl la..there’s no equality when it comes to such thing right)? 


b) Offer to pick you on his bicycle in view of rising petrol costs (Maybe only anttyk would be capable of such things..) or worst, not even offering to pick you or suggesting you take public transport?  But nothing beats, asking you to pick him cause he lives on the way!


c) Not buying you dinner and asking you to have a ‘popcorn’ dinner while watching your planned movie date.  His excuse, ‘We’re running late….’


d)  Offering to shout dinner, but restricting you to what you can eat.  Again the reason being, ‘I ain’t that hungry’.  But you know for sure that what you’ve/he’s ordered isn’t even enough for a gal going on a diet.


e) Conveniently excusing himself to the toilet just when the waiter is about to bring the bill?  Or using the ‘I left my wallet in the car’ excuse???


What are your thoughts?


10 Responses to “How awful can your date be?”

  1. Jenjen Says:

    Oh god, if they guy is so cheapskate…I will start to think ” No wonder he doesn’t have a girlfriend!!” Or maybe I will suggest him to go attend some dating courses….Hello…first date is all talking about impressing the gal… If you don’t impress her, how do you actually expect another date? Although I do understand the whole world is now talking about equality between the male and the female, but “dating” this kind of thing, guys will always have to do the extra work!!! Why? Becoz at the end of the date, female will have to suffer giving birth to your kid…….

  2. chutmia Says:

    Eh .. maybe the thought of giving birth to fishy’s kid caused him to think otherwise and hence the cheapskate-ness.

    Whatever it is, I feel that there is an unfinished story to tell. What’s up Jess?

  3. Cheshire Cat Says:

    If a guy wanna behave so inappropriately and in the process giving all the other decent guys a bad name, i can recommend a simple and effective surgical solution that’s very prominent in Thailand… GET A SEX CHANGE. I can do the gender re-assignment free of charge…nothing that can’t be fixed with a sharp blade and a quick flick of the wrist. If you want to date a lady…then be a man!


  4. siaoyue Says:

    jen: so fast think of kids meh? hahah…if a guy is that cheap, cannot even be bf material la..how to progress new level

    chutmia: I also know your unfinished story …. the years of going Dutch?? haha

    cheshire: hahah ur one cat-man! Thanks for the soup lunch in Central!

  5. anttyk Says:

    Yeah yeah… What’s the full story?

  6. AaronC Says:

    see la.. now you know I’m the best for you… At least I pull your chair when we go on dates.. offer to buy you popcorn and purposely bring a sweater for you so that you’re not cold in the cinema…

  7. siaoyue Says:

    anttyk: full story is i’ve not tried going on a date with you on your new bicycle! ha ha ha

    aaronC: hahah….but the popcorn is my dinner wor!!!! in the cinema i bring my own shawl la…no need ur sweater

  8. Kevin Says:

    so when the bill comes, and the girl offers to pay, does she mean:
    (a) this guy has paid for lots of meals, I’ll be nice and pay this one
    (b) I dont really care either way, but I want to see how this guy reacts
    (c) if this guy doesnt pay, I’m outta here

    .. which then becomes:
    (1) is this guy trying to buy my love?
    (2) wat a cheapskate!

  9. SNA Says:

    haha jenn whoever u’re that’s abit too extreme.. to think abt child birth on ur first date as the reason for taking the tab..


    funny though..

  10. siaoyue Says:

    kev: erm..i Do believe that a girl has to pay at some point in some dates, but if on the first date – it’s a BIG NO WAY which then becomes answer (2) yes what a cheapskate!

    SNA: I bet you will be darn generous to a chic if you’re in a place that serves alchy! hahahaha

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