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The Bridesmaid from HELL July 25, 2008

Filed under: Weddings — siaoyue @ 1:00 am

Was chatting to one of my friend’s about her wedding.


I’m going to be one of her bridesmaids.


We have thought of one (of the many) torture game for the groom and his mates on the ‘pick up bride’ morning.  (Inspiration from the sushi scene from Sex and the City).  Ours is similiar except we will have 10% sashimi and 90% wasabi.


An artist impression of how the groom would look topless with the sashimi bits.


Every best man would have his share of the sushi.  No need to fight.  Won’t disclose which lucky groom.  Now we won’t want to spoil the surprise right?


5 Responses to “The Bridesmaid from HELL”

  1. mama Says:

    U arent doing this to my hubby right!??

  2. siaoyue Says:

    mama: would u like US to do that to your hubby????

  3. Vir Says:

    oh my oh my….i can’t think anymore…i will laugh till die..
    also, i want LIVE from TV, I can’t see it and feel the happiness in the room, I feel sad….but I guess I will peek…hahahahahahahahahhaha

  4. anttyk Says:

    What a scary looking drawing. Looks nothing like mama’s husband.

  5. siaoyue Says:

    vir: don’t regret wor if we really play this!!!!!!! poor Ki! but make sure he maintain his figure, or else you don’t want this showing to all your guests on that night!!!

    anttyk: tsk tsk so fast helping ur ‘papa’ already!!!mama should give you a BIG angpow on your wedding!!!!

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