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Told you my bad luck isn’t over! August 2, 2008

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Haven’t been to yoga for a week cause of my busy work schedule.  Suddenly I read today’s papers and noted that Yogazone has been handed over to a new Management.  Then is my 1 yr membership with 5 free months still valid?  Darn……wasting my time to sort this out now.  And to think I was so glad that my 1 year installment plan would be complete by August!! Urgghh!!!


Last night I checked Air Asia for flights to Krabi in September….today I decided to book for us, realized that just with a difference of one night, prices have gone up RM20 bucks per person!  Small figure…but still..that’s less 1 hour massage!  Don’t care la..still book! Just scrooge on the hotel lor!  So the 4 of us (Sean, Hedz, Yellow Chimp DC and me) are offfff to KKRaaabbiii for some beach, booze and island hopping!!!!!!


Oyasumi nasai (goodnight) folks! It’s 2 am, and I desperately need my beauty sleep to wake up for a 4km jog round the park tomorrow morning.  From now need to have that perfect bod for the beach (some of you may be laughing yourselves silly while reading this)!!!!!