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The first weekend in August August 4, 2008

just came and went….


I had a rather eventful weekend.


Tried the newly opened Kenzo fish spa in Mid Valley…


Did a lot of housework – never done so much work since I graduated from uni almost 5 yrs ago.  Mopped the whole floor, hand washed all my clothes, ironed all the clothes for 1 1/2 hours which caused me to ‘aeroplane’ 2 buddies for lunch!  Whoa…not bad right!  Iron broke down before even I could use it.  The ironing board slammed on my poor toe… Went to Bangsar Village, got a new iron.



Found this really cool chill out place in Bangsar, Jalan Bangkung that serves a variety of drinks. 

Whoaa…look how high our Jenga tiles went.  Shaun-not-alcholic was the loser for the night…..tsk tsk can’t even play a proper game without losing!

Two drinks either a Martini or Bellinis for the price of one..only RM25.  We had plenty to drink!


And finally…..my new Croc handphone pouch! Cute or not… RM65 for the pouch and RM8.90 each for the accessories……