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Road Blocks Again! August 7, 2008

Filed under: Politics — siaoyue @ 11:06 am

This morning I got an SMS from a reputable source telling me there maybe road blocks in major roads leading to town and be prepared to get stuck in one of those crawls.   Police have also been deployed on most major roads and are to be on 24 hrs standby, I was told.  Shucks..it’s one of those days again where those monkeys are up to their nuisance again!


Arrgh…..all because Anwar Ibrahim has been charged with Sodomy ( the SODOMY Part II)!


If all these monkeys just put their focus elsewhere and cater more to the suffering of the common folks, we will have a better country to live in.  The share market has plummeted so badly since the March 8th elections, I can’t even be bothered looking anymore.  Don’t even know if there’s anything left of my investments!  One suggestion, resolve the MRR2 problem first la!




May DSAI and his family see justice being done….