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2nd Weekend in August August 10, 2008

siaoyue.wordpress.com has exceeded 10,000 readers!!!!!!



Went for yoga dance class in Yogazone with Deepak at 6pm.  Learnt some Bollywood dance.  Good fun!  Great way to get my mind off the misery of 08/08/08.  Looking forward to 09/09/09.  The perfect day will come!


Waited for the 8pm Beijing Olympics 2008 official opening.  A capital SPECTACULAR.



Shopping for mama’s birthday present at Mid Valley.  Had an early night.  Preparing for the next day’s 10km Adidas 2008 King of the Road Run in Shah Alam. 



Forced myself up at 5.45 am.  Drove to Shah Alam with dad.  Got lost on the way.  Unable to locate my running buddy, Hooi Sian.  Started off the race alone at 7.10 am.  Somehow she managed to catch up with me and sped off leaving to me complete the race!!!!! Hoo hoo….first 200 in my category get a finisher medal.  

Look at this!!!!!

1pm – Mama’s Birthday Lunch at Oriels, Bangsar Village 2.  Honoured guests include:- the other half of mama (i.e. Papa), anttyk, C.Lengus,  Horse, Mr and Mrs Bouncer HT Yap and myself.  Mama does not want to disclose her age…hence only 2 BIG candles. 

I asked mama why it takes two to cut her birthday cake.  Oh apparently they’re practicing for the cut cutting ceremony during their wedding 🙂 How Sweet!!


I don’t know why ‘Papa’ looks more excited to look inside mama’s birthday present?!?

But then again, who can blame him when it’s La Senza??

Then as usual, mama got up to her antics of taking candid shots!

Antique Anttyk with my sunnies

Also met up with an old friend for dinner.  She taught me the meaning of ‘forgiving’.  When do you really forgive someone? It’s when someone has wronged you in the past, yet you no longer feel angry.  You pray for his well being all the time and not only at times when you feel like it.. and you sincerely wish the best things in life for him and is truly happy for that. 


Upcoming event:  Ooh…another thing to look forward to!  Over lunch we discussed the possibility of having a Haloween party at anttyk’s house with lots and lots of booze amongst some ex colleagues and old friends.  Such a pity so many of them are not working in Malaysia.  Suggestions poured in!!


Originally mama wanted a party on the Chinese 7th Month 14 day in conjunction with the Ghost Festival cause she couldn’t wait until Haloween…I ain’t that GAME!!!!  I don’t want to be drinking and going home from the party already looking like a ghost and really seeing one at the back of my car seat!!!!


I don’t think I need to dress up as anything.  I look scary enough..


7 Responses to “2nd Weekend in August”

  1. anttyk Says:

    It is very important to learn to forgive. Harbouring unforgiveness is damaging and will slowly change you to a bitter person. Forgiving someone is good for your soul and well-being…

  2. siaoyue Says:

    anttyk: someone once told me..forgiving and forgetting is two different things. You may forgive someone but u may not forget that thing! so what does this indicate?

  3. anttyk Says:

    Forgiving has to do with letting go of your emotional attachments. When you no longer feel angry, bitter and depressed – you have forgiven that person.

    Obviously, you will never forget the person, but once you have moved on, you will be able to think back and smile at those happy times shared in the past.

  4. siaoyue Says:

    anttyk: hehe, yes exactly my point. If someone told you, ‘I cannot forget what u did to me XXX number of years ago although I forgive you. ‘ Does that indicate that he/she is still bitter about the whole incident? Or the friendship he/she formed with you these years are purely out of pretense? The happy times in these X years after those incidents are all simply made up?

    What is forgiveness? Forgiveness is when you’ve truly let go and willing to accept the person for all the flaws they have. Nobody in this world is pefect. Everyone deserves to be forgiven at some point in time.

  5. yellowChimpanzee Says:

    ghey… she didn’t mention my proposed costume…

  6. siaoyue Says:

    yellow chimp: shuddup! your joke also not funny leh!

  7. Johnnie Says:

    Namaste.. Great way to live by forgiving.

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