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Toxic Friends August 14, 2008

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Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.Master Oogway, Kungfu Panda 2008


So cherish what you have today.  Especially the friends who have been with you through thick and thin.  Over these few months, I’ve come to realize the brutal truth about friends who are classified as toxic.  And in my dictionary, they are only three types of people that fit this category:


1) Claim to be your friends.  The chinese saying goes ‘有福同享,有难同当’ (got wealth together -gether share, got hardship together -gether get through it.  But when you’re really in need of their support, all they can do is go on and on about their so called glamourous love lives or whine about the puniest things on earth.  Their attention spent on your problem is a mere 5 minutes and the balance 55 on themselves.


2) Constantly degrade, diminish ur ego and self confidence by CONSTANTLY and I really do mean constantly tell you stuff like ‘Eh, if you put on a bit more weight, you can be called FAT already?!?’  As if life isn’t already bad enough as it is.  Yeah, rub it in!!!!


3) And the final group who probably think they are your ‘teachers’.  Sometimes, what you need is a friend to just lend a listening ear and not a lecturer.  Not one who tells you what they think is best -irregardless if that could be the sad truth.  They normally start with I THINK.. or YOU SHOULD and insist their I THINK and YOU SHOULD are the best advice you can get and expect you to follow it.

So with friends like these, who needs enemies right?
Anyway, these few months have taught me a really important lesson on who your true friends are.  Who really stands by your side?  Who are always there to give you the shoulder to cry on, a listening ear and to lend you a helping hand?  Who are there to give you the strength and courage to walk the painful journey through life? 
To my real friends out there, a really big and sincere THANK YOU……I do also realize that my temper has been very erratic lately and some of you may have got it from me some way or the other.  I asked Fat Tuck the other day, ‘Do you think I’ve become very temperamental lately?’  The answer is obvious – so I may have been a toxic friend to some as well.  I’m sorry. 


P/S: JT,  if you’re reading this, you should also disgest the phrase at the top by Master Oogway.  I feel what you’re going through.  But then, what has passed will only remain a sweet memory and should stay as history.  Tomorrow we may live the lives we’ve always dreamed of, but we don’t know it yet.  Right now, just cherish what you have and appreciate those around you.
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