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Last Saturday August 19, 2008

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He came, he saw, he conquered….well at least my heart! Muahahahahaha


I saw the guy of my dreams at…..


Bar Savanh, Mont Kiara


during George’s Birthday Bash


while partying with my gals!


and with my ‘papa’ looking so excited blowing out the flames in the Lambo..


….and dressed up like this

Hehe, you think can get his attention? Psst..mama thought he was Ok good looking too!


And in case you’re wondering.  No he does not have a monobrow, with yellow skin, wears a striped shirt and is best friends with Ernie.  Now now..let’s just call him Mr.122.


Oh well, anyway today is George’s actual Birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!


3 Responses to “Last Saturday”

  1. Cheshire Cat Says:

    hahaha…you wrote that “monobrow” and “yellow” part coz you know i read this blog regularly! Mr 122? Sound like he’s from some massage parlour for ladies…they never give out their names…just their “employee number”. Also, that dress will certainly command attention. Ppl be calling the ambulance…guys all having blood noses as you walk down the street, keke… I think Mr 122 still bleeds just thinking about you in that dress.


  2. siaoyue Says:

    cheshire: haha Mr 122 definitely looks better than any of those massuers u see in Shenzhen ok!!!! Aiyo….but Mr 122 is so unavailable already…

  3. Cheshire Cat Says:

    The good ones are always taken lil’ Fishy… However, nothing wrong with doing it the good old fashioned way. Just club him over the head, sling him over your shoulder and take him home…hahahaa! Seriously though, there’s nothing wrong with keeping your foot in the door…not only giving yourself a chance…but giving him an option right? If he chooses you it’s not considered stealing…


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