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Yet another birthday! June 15, 2008

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Granny’s birthday falls on the 26th of this month.  But we celebrated it 12 days earlier, yesterday because I will be in Jakarta then.

We went to ‘Fear of No Hot’, a restaurant in Hartamas Shopping Centre opened by Eric Tsang, of whom most of you would be pretty familiar with.  This restuarant, I guess is pretty famous for their steamboat  with ‘chili hot’ soup base but nopes, we did not have that, only tried their Chinese set meal, which I must say was pretty worth the money for the price you pay and quality of food served. 

Obviously, brother wasn’t too impressed when he realized that after taking all the various steamboat sauces that we were having the set meal instead. 

The Mocha flavoured cake (RM 40 for 500g) I bought from was San Terri’s Cottage in Hartamas Shopping Centre was aboslutely a delight.  Yes, if you’ve noticed throughout my blog posts, I swear by this cake place!  Pic on the right: the lotus paste birthday ‘pau’ which is a must for all traditional chinese birthdays, courtesy of the restaurant.

She’s 81 this year.



Happy Birthday, Pa! May 20, 2008

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Today my fa-sher turns 53.  Yesterday, I bought him a blueberry cheesecake from San Terri’s.

After dinner, we wanted to cut the cake.

Mom: When you want to ask your dad to cut the cake?

Me: Now la… paaaa…..come and cut your cake, we bought you a cake!

Dad: No need la….

Me: Aiyo, so boring one, bought cake already dont want to cut!

Mom: Your dad always like this..nevermind la he is busy on the Internet, tomorrow only cut.

..2 hrs later…..Mom is still out with her friends and I just finsihed watching The Other Boleyn Girl on my laptop..

Dad: * chomp chomp chomp* Where you buy this cake from, quite good ah!

Me: (OMG) You ate the cake already?!?&%^^%&%&^*


P/S: Anybody managed to get the free air asia tickets during their sale?  All air tickets to Perth and Gold Coast were fully sold out by the time I tried to log in on all the days I tried.  Just my luck!!!!!