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The only consolation to my awful week July 31, 2008

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First it was the income tax penalty.


Then, a cancelled overseas trip.


The laptop I use for work was infected with a virus and seems to affect the performance of my laptop incredibly.  I virtually have to restart every 1/2 hour.


Followed by my maid becoming hysterical and fainted yesterday morning all because Mom did not approve her day off.  Rushed her off to the hospital.  Upon doctor (who diagnosed it as ‘faking it’) and the agent’s advice, we have to send her back although her contract only officially expires end of next month.   Which means, this weekend, I have to do my own laundry, ironing, cooking and cleaning. 


And it’s only Thursday……


The only consolation was I had a orgasmic dinner at Hajime last night, my all time favourite Japanese restaurant on the expense of a friend 🙂



Just the 2 of us, we had raw fish with truffle oil, chawan mushi, foie gras maki, almost 7 kinds of sashimi, mini chicken pizza, shake bomb (salmon wrapped with foie gras..an absolute delight), soft shell crab with salmon maki, Wasa Beef (pan fried beef with wasabi), and umeshu jelly.  Yummmmmm…


All of a sudden… July 15, 2008

I have so many things to blog about..and where do i begin??


1) Today I got a call from a friend I’d known for years now. Let’s call him Ah C (For confidentiality purpose – in case his significant half suspects we have an affair and splashes acid over my beaauutifullll face, also something I’m not too sure if she’s capable of).  Ah C has this bad habit of not returning my calls or SMSes.  And he’d probably call me 2-3 weeks later and ask ‘Eh did you call me ah?’ and tell me he’s so caught up with work he forgot to call me.  Or he’d call and after about 15 minutes would get an incoming call and tell me ‘Eh call you back, got incoming call la’…but it would never happen.  Today, again he did the same thing.  So right after he said ‘Eh call you back’ and hung up, I immediately sms-ed him ‘Bet you 100 bucks you won’t call me back’.  HA HA HA, 3 minutes later, he called back for the first time and said ‘You owe me 100 bucks.’  Woooohoo first time in years of our friendship, my reverse psychology worked. 


2) Today also marks the end of my Beginner 2 Japanese Class.  Finally over and done with this level and Intermediate 1 starts on Thursday.  Had dinner in Restoran Siu Siu to celebrate ‘over exam’ joys.  Remember my classmate who deals with the dead?  Today I finally realized why he has to study Jap.  An average of 1 year, 10 Malaysians die in Japan and that would require his services and to communicate with the Japs to bring the deceased back, hence why learning Jap is pretty important to him.  So G-san brought his friend out tonight and introduced him as- ‘I am the undertaker and this is my friend the grave digger – J****!’……*#($#($*%


3) Mama’s wedding dinner will be in March 2009.  The few of us are planning her hen’s night although its 8 months ahead.  We have had a big inflow of ideas – of course to outdo ‘Papa’ who plans to have a wild night out with 10 strippers.  From having a stripper (mama wants him to look like Takeshi Kaneshiro) to having a girly night at a serviced apartment, to taking all girls ‘sexy and wild’ (yah right!!!) photos by our semi-pro photographer, Sue Ann….anyone, paticularly to those getting married soon has any grrreeeaattttt ideas to share???????


4) My ‘crabs’ dinner at Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant (No 2-2A, Jalan Desa 1/2, Desa Aman Puri, Kepong….Phone No: 03 6272 3346) with Kev and Jimmy last Sunday was absolutely delicious.  Although the quality has slightly deteriorated and prices gone up compared to when I was first introdoced this restaurant back in 2004.  They say a picture tells a thousand words..

Special House Fried Tofu

Fried Lala

Marmite Crabs (Jim’s favourite)

Salted Egg Yolk Crabs (my favourite! yuuuumm)..and lastly 3 very satisified people!!!!


Girls’ Night Out (GNO) May 24, 2008

Before I begin my post on my GNO, let me say that I knew anttyk was going to give me shit about ‘aeroplaning’ him on this morning’s Pork Fiesta Bak-Kut-Teh Brunch.  Ha ha, let me clarify.  I really did HAVE to go back to office this morning to pack all the files as we’re finally moving office next week!

My 3 1/2 hrs of hard work sorting out all the files back to 1995, seperating them by year into the boxes.  It will be a new environment, new work email, new business cards, new furnitures, ooh…I am so looking forward to it!


Last night was superb fun.  It’s hard to get all the girls finally together for a GNO- with the exception of Loong, Angeline’s other half who joined us.

Cause most of them were caught up at work, only 3 of us made it to dinner at my old schoolmate, Patrick’s ‘My Elephant’ restaurant. 

I’ve heard great reviews about this restaurant situation amongst some flats near the Shell station in section 17 PeeJay and finally decided to give it a try last night.  Was pleasantly surprised at the deco – chic yet comfy.  With some recommendations from the waiter, we finally decided with the following dishes:

Fish cake comes in a serving of 6 pieces

‘My elephant’ tom yam.  We were told it’s one of the spiciest soups served there and my were they right!

Brown rice is served instead of the usual white rice

Stir-fry Thai style kai-lan with mushrooms

The last of the dishes we ordered was the fried chicken nuggets..

Nothing served there is a disappointment – the servings were just right, food deco was a-ok and taste was just..fantastic.  You have to try it to believe it.  Only downside was that they did not serve any desserts.  A mango sticky rice would have made the meal so perfect! RM55 for all the above dishes – not bad huh!


We started our Karaoke session at the Red Box curve at 10 sharp.  Poor Joanna who did not make it to dinner was absolutely starving and had to settle with the buffet provided. Ah, but from her look in the pic below, I think she did not mind the food one bit!

From l-r: Angeline a.k.a Linlin, Susu, Laura, Me and Joanna

Wa ha ha, my friend Wendy once told me that this was the happening pose for Jap -chics.  We’re trying to imitate but I think fail miserably-la.

Below: Malaysian idol in the making.  Pretty, sings like Christina, young ..but sorry she’s already taken!

We called it a night at 1.  All of us were almost voice-less after all the shouting, screaming on top of our lungs.  Too bad our King of K Max Tan is so FARAWAY in Sydney and can’t join us! 🙂



Ipoh night life! May 14, 2008

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Last night Yellow Chimp, Alex and myself went for dinner in Frens Corner.  I have been hassling them to go there before they came up from KL for job – I tried the place last week and loved it since.  Finally, after many wrong turns and directions from Ipohreans, we managed to locate this place, known for it’s icy cold ‘shuet far’ beer and cheap & tasty food.  Don’t ask me the road name- we just circled around the padang with the second biggest flag in Malaysia and found the place.

Don’t know how they do it – even Yellow Chimp aka Danielpedia was scratching his head.  They must have chilled the beer to the temperature just below freezing to get this effect.  Note: KC KC a.k.a. big eyed boy, you must find out how to get to this place la.  Ipoh people always bring KL ppl try one wor! Tsk tsk…shame on u! Ha ha you only know how to recommend your friends to try a ‘kedai kopi’ that has already sold out all their food by lunch.

The stir fry intestines with shrimp is a MUST to try.  Sounds gross but you’d still have to try.  Alex, I think enjoyed it as much as I did! The aroma of the shrimps, which is done in a spicy way..Blisssssss…

The ‘pak cheok’ squid is another one of my favourites…

Apart from the finger foods to go with beer, the rice dishes were only so-so. 

A place worth trying – but not for the alcoholics as they’ll probably find the beer a bit too light for their liking.  Bill came up to about RM70 (incl’ RM 15 for beer).  Not too bad! Woo and I only had one glass of beer for dinner.  Uncle will be so proud of me ’cause I am not turning out like him! Ha ha ha

We went to watch Ironman at Ipoh Parade after dinner.  I was truly surprised that the movie was not bad considering I had no intention to watch another superhero movie and was dragged there by Yellow Chimp! Apart from the movie which I would probably rate a 7, the experience of watching a movie in GSC in Ipoh is totally different from KL..

1) The seats were damn smelly..even Mid Valley GSC’s seat don’t smell as bad.

2) We got warning from our Ipoh friends that the seats are fleas infested..but thank god we did not get bitten

3) Three ah bengs sat behind us, commenting on the movie so loudly I almost could have given them a loudspeaker and occasionally their mobile would ring…those ‘feng tau’ music.  I think they never watch the Digiman ad and the consequences of speaking loudly on your mobile.

4) Over at the other end, another group of weird asses would suddenly burst out in laughter at scenes we thought were totally not unfunny….or could it just be us without the sense of humour


Jimmy’s Birthday Celebration May 5, 2008

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Jimmy’s birthday is in 3 days time.  But we had an early celebration for him last Saturday.

Sue Ann, birthday boy and me went to El Cerdo’s for a feast of pork, pork and pork.

It has got to be one of the most scrumptious pork feast ever (Sooyin, better than Checkers i reckon!). I totally loved the smoked ham with rockmelon as appetizer -never ever tasted anything as good before (ok..maybe that’s a wee bit exaggerating). And the dessert is absolutely fantabulous! But it was a pity we could not try the suckling pig.  I found it really strange that other customers were cutting the pig with their small ceramic plates and throwing them into this bucket to break them, apparently for good luck (an Italian tradition).

We moved on the Vintage Bank in KL Hilton to meet up with some other friends. 

Here’s Jimmy cutting his first birthday cake for the year.  Green Tea cake from San Terri.

Haha ok..it’s me in case you noticed.  I pulled the orange ribbon out from the cake’s deco and tied it to his neck!

Whoa….I don’t realize that I still had enough stamina to proceed to Zeta Bar after that!

And the highlight of the night, I reckon was not Jimmy’s birthday celebration…..it was his love interest of the night….ms. looks-so-hot-in-leopard-prints-chic.

Have a great birthday this year! My regards from Ipoh! 🙂



Lunch at Hajime March 2, 2008

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dscf3685.jpg       dscf3686.jpg

Today Balak, Jimmy and myself had lunch at our new found favourite Japanese Restaurant, Hajime in Jalan Damai, KL.  (Anttyk who was supposed to come with Jessie decided to ‘aeroplane’ at the very last minute).  Leaving the lunch menu decision to Chef Edwin, here’s what he whipped up for the 3 of us. 

My absolute must have in all Japanese meals – chawan mushi.  This one is steamed together with dried scallops.  Yum!


White snapper, salmon and scallops sashimi.  I have never tried any scallop sashimi as delicious and fresh as this.  Scallops are freshly cut upon ordering.


Seafood ‘gyoza’ served on a hot plate with some special sauce. 


This is my absolute favourite.  Foie Gras, cucumber and radish wrapped with smoked salmon and laced with truffle oil. 


Again, being overly excited at the sight of all the great food, I forgot to take pictures of the udon noodle.  The highlight was the egg, which was so perfectly done, cooked on the outside and so soft at the yolk part.  Luckily, Jimmy hasn’t dug into his bowl of noodles and gladly offered the bowl for me to take this shot…


Chicken pizza….


Lastly, we had something called Miami Inc, soft shell crab sushi with raw fish and avocado – to be dipped with the special concoction…Balak and Jimmy though this dish was the only slight disappointment.  Too ‘normal’ tasting, they thought.


And finally, for dessert, we had two scoops of ice-cream.   Homemade black sesame ice cream and chocolate ice cream laced with alcohol, nuts & raisins.


Although a bit pricey for lunch – Rm350 for the 3 of us (mainly due to the sashimi), it was definitely worth every cent of it.  We got Rm30 worth of vouchers at the end of our meal.  Food at Hajime is not the conventional Japanese food you get at some overrated restaurants.

Oh and BTW, if you do want to try, best times are Tuesday & Friday nights when they get their fresh supply of food – mainly air flown from Japan.

Some of the stuff we tried are not on the menu but specially prepared by Edwin.  Menus are changed monthly so you’ll never get bored of the food.  For more details on Hajime, just goto their website..

P/S: Anttyk, u missed out on a great lunch.


麦芽糖 & 叮叮糖 (Malt Sugar and Ting Ting Sweets) March 1, 2008

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I woke up with the worst ever hangover today.  The toilet was probably my best friend up till about noon time.  Too much partying at Zeta is not a good thing when age is catching up with you.

Balak suggested we go try the supposedly oh so talked about Meng Kee melt-in-your-mouth char siew (叉烧)on Jalan Alor.  But I wanted 牛记Beef Ball Noodles.  Aiyah, but by looking at his size, which do u think we opted for?


Halfway thru the ‘not so melt in your mouth charsiew’ lunch, I spotted an uncle selling 麦芽糖  & 叮叮糖 (Traditional Chinese Sweets pronounced ‘mai ya tang’ and ‘ding ding tang’) just outside.  A favourite of mine during childhood days.  Peddlers selling such sweets are a rare finding nowadays. 

In my excitement, I forgot to take pictures of the uncle’s stall.  His 麦芽糖 & 叮叮唐 are made from genuine malt sugar and it tastes so good, he’s already secured one more loyal customer.

 malt sugar

RM1 a stick, but really melts in your mouth!!! Deeelicious


My half eaten malt sugar candy.  Doesn’t look too appealing from the pictures, but trust me they are to die-for if you have a sweet tooth.


Ting ting candies

Ha ha and miraculously, the hang over was gone right after my lunch and dessert!