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Kevin is going on a world tour! August 15, 2008

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and he is bringing me………!! WOOOHOOO


Ya right…he said he’d rather bring Bert than take me.  Better eat your words!!  I’ve packed his suitcase with Ernie’s little rubber duckie and loads of ski clothes!


He’s even listed his travel itinery on tripsteps.com…


He’s now in Sydney…..then he proceeds to (meanwhile, I’ll list the gifts I want here shamelessly)


Melbourne (Vegemite crackers!!!!)

Kuala Lumpur (only 5 days to catch up)

Singapore (ok lah nothing from Lion land considering I go there quite often myself)

Kuala Lumpur

Taipei (those yummy delicious Taiwanese snacks!)

Tokyo (those cute little Japanese souvenirs….NO HELLO KITTY please.  That’s only for Sooyin 🙂 Muahah of course I won’t mind a Burberry Blue Label)

San Francisco ( I don’t know..maybe a piece of alcatraz?)

New York (ok la..just a postcard will do, since the big souvenir I am requesting is coming up! HA HA HA)

London (now now…..let’s see.  Would it be that MIU MIU or Prada bag..considering if he goes to Milan?)

Kuala Lumpur (present time siaoyue……….LOL)

..and back to Melbourne in November……..can u believe that?!?


…all in 3 months…makes my Krabi trip seems so insignificant……


NOTE: For those who has been pretty ‘close mates’ with Kev, now is probably the time to try your luck and request for those things you’ve longed for………..HA HA


Toxic Friends August 14, 2008

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Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.Master Oogway, Kungfu Panda 2008


So cherish what you have today.  Especially the friends who have been with you through thick and thin.  Over these few months, I’ve come to realize the brutal truth about friends who are classified as toxic.  And in my dictionary, they are only three types of people that fit this category:


1) Claim to be your friends.  The chinese saying goes ‘有福同享,有难同当’ (got wealth together -gether share, got hardship together -gether get through it.  But when you’re really in need of their support, all they can do is go on and on about their so called glamourous love lives or whine about the puniest things on earth.  Their attention spent on your problem is a mere 5 minutes and the balance 55 on themselves.


2) Constantly degrade, diminish ur ego and self confidence by CONSTANTLY and I really do mean constantly tell you stuff like ‘Eh, if you put on a bit more weight, you can be called FAT already?!?’  As if life isn’t already bad enough as it is.  Yeah, rub it in!!!!


3) And the final group who probably think they are your ‘teachers’.  Sometimes, what you need is a friend to just lend a listening ear and not a lecturer.  Not one who tells you what they think is best -irregardless if that could be the sad truth.  They normally start with I THINK.. or YOU SHOULD and insist their I THINK and YOU SHOULD are the best advice you can get and expect you to follow it.

So with friends like these, who needs enemies right?
Anyway, these few months have taught me a really important lesson on who your true friends are.  Who really stands by your side?  Who are always there to give you the shoulder to cry on, a listening ear and to lend you a helping hand?  Who are there to give you the strength and courage to walk the painful journey through life? 
To my real friends out there, a really big and sincere THANK YOU……I do also realize that my temper has been very erratic lately and some of you may have got it from me some way or the other.  I asked Fat Tuck the other day, ‘Do you think I’ve become very temperamental lately?’  The answer is obvious – so I may have been a toxic friend to some as well.  I’m sorry. 


P/S: JT,  if you’re reading this, you should also disgest the phrase at the top by Master Oogway.  I feel what you’re going through.  But then, what has passed will only remain a sweet memory and should stay as history.  Tomorrow we may live the lives we’ve always dreamed of, but we don’t know it yet.  Right now, just cherish what you have and appreciate those around you.
 Found a tool to watermark all my photos….hehe just trying it out



Soo Jin’s BIG Birthday Celebration July 26, 2008

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We had a mini birthday bash for the ‘Horse’ (who’s bday falls on July 28) at WabiSabi in TTDI Plaza last night.  But he wanted me to make it sound like a HUGE celebration, hence the title of the post.  Honoured guests for this ‘zoo’ party include Sue Ann the errr ‘babboon’, Jack the sloth and his missus, Amy, Big Eyed Goldfish KC, DC the Yellow Chimp, Hedz and his girls, myself the fish, and Sam. 

Amy, who’s currently into photography took many many pics with her Nikon.  I’m not gonna post the pictures taken from my Ixus 80 (later embarass myself only!).  These pics are the masterpieces of Amy.

We decided against embarassing him with the cake.  So Jack-O bought him a ‘flaming’.  But our once wild horse has already been pussified domesticated by his missus, had to share the ‘drink’ with his once side kick.

All the macho, macho men…..

Obviously Jack did not want to be outdone by these macho macho men..

Fuiyoh, so ‘gaya’.  I think next year we can nominate Jack for the Women’s Weekly Hunky Husbands!

We  also tried to model…




My secret affair! July 21, 2008

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In order to make my ‘outing’ with the legendary Ah C look not so obvious, we called Ah A along and had a fun ‘threesome’ in a not so secluded cafe somewhere 10 minutes from Mid Valley Mega Mall.  Remember the Ah C?  One of the very few ppl who cannot be named for confidentiality reasons as I fear for both our lives…muahahaha

This is the mysterious Ah C with his Dunhill!


I love bars in Singapore June 4, 2008

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…beacuse they have this at the microbrewery in Clark Quay!

This is heaven!!!!!

Below – Mama and Shaun-Not-Alcoholic at Coffee Bean on Monday night.  I’m impressed he did not suggest drinking (I guess he had no choice considering he’s on medication for liver/ skin probs? I don’t remember which was it)

Mama loves taking pictures of others but not herself.  I have compiled her masterpiece with ‘the many faces of shaun-not alcoholic’.  Not bad for an amateur huh! 

I’m so proud of myself.  I have not bought anything during this Great Singapore Sales yet.  I’m saving for my Hong Kong shopping spree next month!

Two days till TGIF!!!!  Let’s see how great my willpower can last then – I’m restraining myself from being a shopaholic!



I left Form 5 in 1998…. June 1, 2008

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……yes, I still think I’m pretty old.

10 years has passed.  Well almost, at least.

Sass-O (and her friend), Jen, Hooi Sian and I met up at Mont Kiara Coffee Bean 10-ish last night for a super mini 10 year reunion.  Let’s see what’s been happening in our lives.  Sass getting ready for her Jakarta wedding, Jen with her new found life in Hong Kong, Hooi Sian and myself – suddenly have a new found hobby and getting into the habit of marathons.  We’re going for the Siemens run together.  Hope she doesn’t leave me behind!  With the exception of Jen, whom I still meet like twice a year, I have not seen Sass and HS for 10 years.  Nopes, they have not changed much….

10 years ago, we talked about SPM and how we’re so not gonna score the 9A1s and how the ‘Pendidikan Moral’ subject is an ultimate waste of time, boys (who were cute and Jen reminded us now what bad taste we had then! ha ha – cause most of them now have a receeding hairline but expanding elsewhere frontways, backways, horizontally), getting to uni, how school sucks then, puppy love and all the high school girly stuff.

10 years later in 2008, our topic revolves around what happened in the past 10 years – those rebellious years, who’s getting hitched, who’s brood of children is expanding, our career, our significant half (well, at least not for me at this point 🙂 ), who’s changed dramatically, who’s a real bitch now, and how the tea in Coffee Bean sucks….

What happens if we meet for another reunion in 2018, Sass-O asks?  Then we’ll be what, almost into mid-life.  OMG!  I am so dreading that.  Then it’ll be about the headaches given by my growing kids, botox, do I suspect her/my husband is having an affair, climbing the corporate ladder, or if we’re damn lucky – our ‘tai tai’ lifestyles (manicures, pedicures, mahjongs, my private Yoga instructor specially imported from India, Milan Shopping……..).

Well, we’ll just see what 2018 is in store for us!



P/S: I’m off to Singapore today for 10 whole days. 


Missing my Melbourne days… May 31, 2008

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I’ve just finished watching the stupidest ever 1 hr movie in the cinema.  Superhero.  It’s awfully late.. way past my bed time.  Was chatting with Taki on msn for a while and told him I was off to bed.  That was 40 minutes ago.    I’m still online and Facebooking at 12.42 am.  I am about to put some toothpicks to keep my eyelids open cause I just started chatting to an old friend, P, on the msn on our crazy, wild times in Melbourne way back in 2000.  Can’t believe 8 years has just flown past, just like that.  I AM OLD.

Seriously, that year has got to be the most unforgettable time of the 5 years I spent there:-

  • The endless karaokes.  If I’d still maintained that lifestyle now, I’d probably look 46 and not 26;
  • The ‘ah lian’ drinking games and the puking afters..that’s where my ah lian traits come from.  But no more.  I’m polished and refined now ha ha ha;
  • Him giving me his silly dog cause he moved to a smaller place.  Guess what he named the Pomeranian :- ta dah…ROCKY.  I remember our dog was so stupid and we had a cat at home too, the dog was afraid of ‘Siu Fu’, our cat.  Jerjer, my housemate then used to punish the dog by making him stand on 2 legs in the corner cause he’d (the dog-don’t even try to imagine how he did that) used to do his business all over our little apartment ;
  • A group of us just hanging out at his place doing absolutely nothing.  Or you can let your mind wander and imagine if we really did do some hanky panky stuff.  I mean come on a group of students … surely you can’t just hang out, chill and do nothing right?;
  • Working part time together.  My first attempt at earning my own money waitering;
  • Me being absolutely banana then, learning the Taiwanese way of speaking mandarin.  See Sean, no need pay money to goto Shanghai drink beer study chinese.  Just goto karaoke more often, can do lah

I really do miss those carefree, worry free about money days.  Our only duty then was to study, get the assignments in on time and pass everything.  Ahh….those uni days.  If only we could turn back time…….I’d give anything to go back to those days!




Chirpy Day May 29, 2008

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Today is one of the chirpiest days I’ve had in a looooonnng time.  I’ve probably told some of you why but I’m not going to blog it in here.  Let this be a little secret with my closest buds.  I’m so chripy that not even Uncle Alcoholic NL calling me Bob (as in sponge) will affect me :).  Maybe of all the alcohol that’s filled his brains, he mind works like a snail too and can’t tell the difference between a pretty chic and sponge?  Sponge Bob meets snail!


I don’t see the similiarity wat! Do you?

A couple of months back, come to think of it, I don’t even know when I said it but I did.  I made a promised to a certain 肥仔 (‘fei jai’) that I would get him something from every country that I go to for work.  I have not kept to the promise , that’s cause I can’t remember where and when I made it and gotten so much shit for it.  Why did I get myself into this? Haha, cause he’s been a great friend all these years I guess and I’ve never done anything for him.  God, what a corny statement to make too!

Many years back, my friend, I, did the exact same thing for me on all his Europe backpacking trips.  And until today, I still think it’s the sweetest thing a friend can do for you.

I’m going down to Kiasu-land, Singapore, this Sunday for 10 days, again for work.  So this time I made a resolution to keep my promise.  But what can you buy another alcoholic in Singapore for a Malaysian, even though its the Great Singapore Sales.  A ‘I LOVE SINGAPORE’ T shirt?  Or a Sentosa Island Post card? Or even a fridge magnet? Damn.

Any ideas?


About nothing… May 27, 2008

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It’s a damn boring and slow day at work today.  Tick tock tick tock.  The packing up for the new office is progressing at snail’s pace.

All my girls are not productive at work as well.

Sooyin ak.a. Sue is so bored she’s asking me to blog about her, cause it’s been a while her name has appeared on my blog.  It’s because SHE  SIMPLY HAS NO TIME FOR ME AS SHE’S TOO BUSY WITH HER DIVING, HER SO CALLED RESCUE DIVING COURSE AND DROOLING OVER HER BUFFED DIVERS THAT WE’VE HARDLY HUNG OUT EXCEPT FOR THAT SUNDAY BRUNCH IN ‘HO CHUN TAK’.   Me, Her and Yellow Chimp (yes, we treat him like one of the girls) are still bitching about everything under the sun from ‘That gay dude’ to ‘ My ‘dar-ling’ who lives slightly north of KL (uhuh?)‘ to ‘Which chics would Yellow Chimp want to hang out with’ and even ‘Flabby tum-tums’!

Because it’s been so long, in case you’d all forgotten her face

Even Jen, who’s 4eva bitching about her work is finally leaving her audit firm in HK after 1 1/2 years and getting off work at 5.30 pm sharp.  Today I’ve been listening to her stories on her ‘spark-less love life’ and fascinating new ‘someone’ almost there but not so there yet in her life.

Mama, down south, who normally takes ages to reply, is doing some so-called ‘brainless work’ in office can afford to finish work sharp on the dot and reply my msn faster than usual and also do some window shopping tonight.

What an un-productive Tuesday. Can u imagine when Friday comes – we’ll all be just waiting to get home at 9am. 


Girls’ Night Out (GNO) May 24, 2008

Before I begin my post on my GNO, let me say that I knew anttyk was going to give me shit about ‘aeroplaning’ him on this morning’s Pork Fiesta Bak-Kut-Teh Brunch.  Ha ha, let me clarify.  I really did HAVE to go back to office this morning to pack all the files as we’re finally moving office next week!

My 3 1/2 hrs of hard work sorting out all the files back to 1995, seperating them by year into the boxes.  It will be a new environment, new work email, new business cards, new furnitures, ooh…I am so looking forward to it!


Last night was superb fun.  It’s hard to get all the girls finally together for a GNO- with the exception of Loong, Angeline’s other half who joined us.

Cause most of them were caught up at work, only 3 of us made it to dinner at my old schoolmate, Patrick’s ‘My Elephant’ restaurant. 

I’ve heard great reviews about this restaurant situation amongst some flats near the Shell station in section 17 PeeJay and finally decided to give it a try last night.  Was pleasantly surprised at the deco – chic yet comfy.  With some recommendations from the waiter, we finally decided with the following dishes:

Fish cake comes in a serving of 6 pieces

‘My elephant’ tom yam.  We were told it’s one of the spiciest soups served there and my were they right!

Brown rice is served instead of the usual white rice

Stir-fry Thai style kai-lan with mushrooms

The last of the dishes we ordered was the fried chicken nuggets..

Nothing served there is a disappointment – the servings were just right, food deco was a-ok and taste was just..fantastic.  You have to try it to believe it.  Only downside was that they did not serve any desserts.  A mango sticky rice would have made the meal so perfect! RM55 for all the above dishes – not bad huh!


We started our Karaoke session at the Red Box curve at 10 sharp.  Poor Joanna who did not make it to dinner was absolutely starving and had to settle with the buffet provided. Ah, but from her look in the pic below, I think she did not mind the food one bit!

From l-r: Angeline a.k.a Linlin, Susu, Laura, Me and Joanna

Wa ha ha, my friend Wendy once told me that this was the happening pose for Jap -chics.  We’re trying to imitate but I think fail miserably-la.

Below: Malaysian idol in the making.  Pretty, sings like Christina, young ..but sorry she’s already taken!

We called it a night at 1.  All of us were almost voice-less after all the shouting, screaming on top of our lungs.  Too bad our King of K Max Tan is so FARAWAY in Sydney and can’t join us! 🙂