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I have officially moved my blog August 26, 2008

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from siaoyue.wordpress.com to



Please visit that site from now on…..THANK YOU THANK YOU…Do SUPPORT ME THERE


Chicken Wings August 22, 2008

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I love chicken wings.


I could not stop eating chicken wings in Singapore.  They don’t taste exceptionally better than from KL, but I had them almost every night it’s S-C-A-R-Y.  I think I may get an overdose of chicken hormones.


Sunday at Tony Romas, Suntec City.


Monday at The Pump Room, Clark Quay.


For the above two, too busy enjoying the wings until forgot to take picture la…


Tuesday at Timbre with Taki, EmLai and Kai Seng.

….serves good beer also..

Wednesday at Lao Pa Sat

Thursday at Ice Cold Beer. 

‘Fat Taki’ STRONGLY recommends it.  And I have to agree.  Ichiban.  We had two baskets of….(actually it was the three guys who ate like 90% of it)

….err this is how much he enjoys it…any amount of basketball won’t help la…

..I think they should ask me to advertise for them..

..and what more can u ask for…there are guys with nice asses playing pool there!

Cluck cluck cluck……signing off with my absolute favouritest song in the universe now!


Last Saturday August 19, 2008

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He came, he saw, he conquered….well at least my heart! Muahahahahaha


I saw the guy of my dreams at…..


Bar Savanh, Mont Kiara


during George’s Birthday Bash


while partying with my gals!


and with my ‘papa’ looking so excited blowing out the flames in the Lambo..


….and dressed up like this

Hehe, you think can get his attention? Psst..mama thought he was Ok good looking too!


And in case you’re wondering.  No he does not have a monobrow, with yellow skin, wears a striped shirt and is best friends with Ernie.  Now now..let’s just call him Mr.122.


Oh well, anyway today is George’s actual Birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!


2nd Weekend in August August 10, 2008

siaoyue.wordpress.com has exceeded 10,000 readers!!!!!!



Went for yoga dance class in Yogazone with Deepak at 6pm.  Learnt some Bollywood dance.  Good fun!  Great way to get my mind off the misery of 08/08/08.  Looking forward to 09/09/09.  The perfect day will come!


Waited for the 8pm Beijing Olympics 2008 official opening.  A capital SPECTACULAR.



Shopping for mama’s birthday present at Mid Valley.  Had an early night.  Preparing for the next day’s 10km Adidas 2008 King of the Road Run in Shah Alam. 



Forced myself up at 5.45 am.  Drove to Shah Alam with dad.  Got lost on the way.  Unable to locate my running buddy, Hooi Sian.  Started off the race alone at 7.10 am.  Somehow she managed to catch up with me and sped off leaving to me complete the race!!!!! Hoo hoo….first 200 in my category get a finisher medal.  

Look at this!!!!!

1pm – Mama’s Birthday Lunch at Oriels, Bangsar Village 2.  Honoured guests include:- the other half of mama (i.e. Papa), anttyk, C.Lengus,  Horse, Mr and Mrs Bouncer HT Yap and myself.  Mama does not want to disclose her age…hence only 2 BIG candles. 

I asked mama why it takes two to cut her birthday cake.  Oh apparently they’re practicing for the cut cutting ceremony during their wedding 🙂 How Sweet!!


I don’t know why ‘Papa’ looks more excited to look inside mama’s birthday present?!?

But then again, who can blame him when it’s La Senza??

Then as usual, mama got up to her antics of taking candid shots!

Antique Anttyk with my sunnies

Also met up with an old friend for dinner.  She taught me the meaning of ‘forgiving’.  When do you really forgive someone? It’s when someone has wronged you in the past, yet you no longer feel angry.  You pray for his well being all the time and not only at times when you feel like it.. and you sincerely wish the best things in life for him and is truly happy for that. 


Upcoming event:  Ooh…another thing to look forward to!  Over lunch we discussed the possibility of having a Haloween party at anttyk’s house with lots and lots of booze amongst some ex colleagues and old friends.  Such a pity so many of them are not working in Malaysia.  Suggestions poured in!!


Originally mama wanted a party on the Chinese 7th Month 14 day in conjunction with the Ghost Festival cause she couldn’t wait until Haloween…I ain’t that GAME!!!!  I don’t want to be drinking and going home from the party already looking like a ghost and really seeing one at the back of my car seat!!!!


I don’t think I need to dress up as anything.  I look scary enough..


August 8, 2008 August 8, 2008

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The world awaits eagerly for the official opening of the 2008 Beijing Olympics at 8pm.  Everyone is in a joyous mood. 


Not me.


One year ago, a promise was made to be fulfilled today.  A promise that would have changed my life forever.  All is left now is a broken promise and shattered dreams that would never become reality.


Although I will resent you for the rest of my life for inflicting this pain upon me, I will have the strength to stand up on my two feet.  Let bygones be bygones.  I will crawl, I will stagger, I will walk, no matter what it takes, I will reach the end of the tunnel where the bright light awaits me…..


What did Ah Beng say to Ah Lian? August 6, 2008

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About two years ago, I dyed my hair.  It was a disaster.  Somehow, the colour came out really blondish.  Hence, came the nickname Ah Lian from DC the Yellow Chimp.  But he ain’t much better, everyday ‘talk loud loud’, recently drives a really ‘vroom vroom’ modified car, wears brown leather shoes…so of course Ah Beng this nick won’t suit anyone better!


So what did Ah Beng say to Ah Lian lately when he got his yearly bonus and increment?


‘Eh Ah Lian, got my bonus.  Come let’s go for dinner.  I spend.  You like ah Japanese right.  So let’s goto Aoyama la.’  So off went Ah Beng and Ah Lian to Aoyama Japanese Restaurant.  Ah Beng of course only restricted Ah Lian to a bowl of Edamame and Chawan Mushi and 2 glasses of green tea! Muaahahhahaah


So what did Ah Lian tell Ah Beng during dinner.  “whoaaa………34 more days till Krabi!’ (which I later realized was a miscalculation). To which Ah Beng replied, I dont care what activities you guys want to do.  I am going to drink my beer on the island hopping trips.  As long as he doesn’t sink while snorkeling, that’s fine with me!


And after dinner, Ah Beng graciously offered, ‘Eh need to WALK YOU TO YOUR CAR AH?’ (He must have felt bad after hearing horror stories of my ridiculously awful date and tried to be a gentleman).  Errr, I would have been so touched except for the fact, my car was only a few steps away from his!


P/S:  Ah Beng realized that Ah Lian is applying for her PR in Australia and wants to buy a marriage certificate from Ah Lian….for RM3000! Wah….so the ‘cheap’!  Sure cannot laa…..later the migration officers ask some intimate questions! Sure-ly fail!  I only know Ah Beng has a fetish to play with the monkeys from the jungle.


Told you my bad luck isn’t over! August 2, 2008

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Haven’t been to yoga for a week cause of my busy work schedule.  Suddenly I read today’s papers and noted that Yogazone has been handed over to a new Management.  Then is my 1 yr membership with 5 free months still valid?  Darn……wasting my time to sort this out now.  And to think I was so glad that my 1 year installment plan would be complete by August!! Urgghh!!!


Last night I checked Air Asia for flights to Krabi in September….today I decided to book for us, realized that just with a difference of one night, prices have gone up RM20 bucks per person!  Small figure…but still..that’s less 1 hour massage!  Don’t care la..still book! Just scrooge on the hotel lor!  So the 4 of us (Sean, Hedz, Yellow Chimp DC and me) are offfff to KKRaaabbiii for some beach, booze and island hopping!!!!!!


Oyasumi nasai (goodnight) folks! It’s 2 am, and I desperately need my beauty sleep to wake up for a 4km jog round the park tomorrow morning.  From now need to have that perfect bod for the beach (some of you may be laughing yourselves silly while reading this)!!!!!


The only consolation to my awful week July 31, 2008

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First it was the income tax penalty.


Then, a cancelled overseas trip.


The laptop I use for work was infected with a virus and seems to affect the performance of my laptop incredibly.  I virtually have to restart every 1/2 hour.


Followed by my maid becoming hysterical and fainted yesterday morning all because Mom did not approve her day off.  Rushed her off to the hospital.  Upon doctor (who diagnosed it as ‘faking it’) and the agent’s advice, we have to send her back although her contract only officially expires end of next month.   Which means, this weekend, I have to do my own laundry, ironing, cooking and cleaning. 


And it’s only Thursday……


The only consolation was I had a orgasmic dinner at Hajime last night, my all time favourite Japanese restaurant on the expense of a friend 🙂



Just the 2 of us, we had raw fish with truffle oil, chawan mushi, foie gras maki, almost 7 kinds of sashimi, mini chicken pizza, shake bomb (salmon wrapped with foie gras..an absolute delight), soft shell crab with salmon maki, Wasa Beef (pan fried beef with wasabi), and umeshu jelly.  Yummmmmm…


I asked for it… July 29, 2008

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Today I got slapped with a penalty from the Inland Revenue Board.  Don’t ask me why also – yes it’smy freaking fault.  RM 446.98.  Never f*** around with these guys.  Damn!  I am so pissed and poor now…


Can someone shout me a beer?


How awful can your date be? July 24, 2008

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What’s the most cheapskate thing he has ever done on a date..siaoyue asks?????


a) Made you go dutch (if you’re a girl la..there’s no equality when it comes to such thing right)? 


b) Offer to pick you on his bicycle in view of rising petrol costs (Maybe only anttyk would be capable of such things..) or worst, not even offering to pick you or suggesting you take public transport?  But nothing beats, asking you to pick him cause he lives on the way!


c) Not buying you dinner and asking you to have a ‘popcorn’ dinner while watching your planned movie date.  His excuse, ‘We’re running late….’


d)  Offering to shout dinner, but restricting you to what you can eat.  Again the reason being, ‘I ain’t that hungry’.  But you know for sure that what you’ve/he’s ordered isn’t even enough for a gal going on a diet.


e) Conveniently excusing himself to the toilet just when the waiter is about to bring the bill?  Or using the ‘I left my wallet in the car’ excuse???


What are your thoughts?