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9-11 Conspiracy theory? June 12, 2008

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An interesting theory on the 9-11 attack I came across in my e-mail today….


Real or Fake May 9, 2008

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Remember anttyk’s ghost post?

Today, SueAnn sent me another real life ghost captured on CCTV in my email. 

TGIF TGIF! I’m driving back to KL for the weekend from Ipoh later this evening!  But somehow I feel a bit heavy hearted!


My IPOD has crashed May 6, 2008

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I sent my IPOD to repair last Saturday in 1 Utama.

I just got a call from the store guy…

Phone on silent mode virating furiously..

Store Employee: Ms Loong, this is FOO from something something shop( can’t remember the shop name) 1 Utama…

Me: Err yeah

Store Employee: Sorry ah, we want to tell you that your IPOD hard disk crash.  We tried diff cables, different computers.  Cannot fix-lah.  We tried to turn on also cannot.

Me: So now how?  Really cannot fix?  Have to buy new one?

Store Employee: I think better you buy new one cause your hard disk crash already.  You can come back to our shop anytime to take back your ipod for remembrance lah.



Jimmy has been getting birthday wishes since last night.

I received some sms-es also enquiring if his birthday is today.

I think my previous post is misleading!

His birthday is 3 days from yesterday’s post – which ultimately falls on May 8.  Not 3 days from our dinner!

The blogger apologizes for any inconvenience caused…….



One chic flick worth watching May 2, 2008

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I sat through an entire 2 hours facing my laptop watching PS I Love You (a movie adapted from Cecilia Ahern’s novel)- something I just downloaded after recommendation from Sue Ann.  Someone once said that I can hardly sit through an entire downloaded movie without falling asleep apart from my addictive TVB sitcoms! 

Throughout the movie I laughed and cried, anticipating every minute, the ending- I’ve never felt this way watching a movie in such a long time.  Within the first 30 minutes, I felt teary eyed.  I agree that it’s got to be one of the better movies I’ve watched in a long, long time. 

Strongly recommended!




It’s a public holiday tomorrow!!! April 30, 2008

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let’s Mambo at Zouk tonight!!!!

We are all going to shake that ass tonight….

But who’s the designated driver?  Nobody is willing to NOT drink…we’re still sorting that out now.  I hope there is not that massive queue outside Zouk…..

Happy labour day everyone…have good fun tonight.


Good Read April 12, 2008

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I was given a book last year – ‘A Lifetime of Secrets’ by Frank Warren but only got about to seriously reading it tonight. You can say it’s a book of secrets now all revealed on creatively decorated postcards sent to the author-and compiled together to produce this book.  I even found out that the author’s even got his blog called Postsecret.  It’s probably got to be the most inspirational and thought provoking book & blog I’ve read in a long, long time.  This two postcards particularly caught my attention..



In Singapore March 31, 2008

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I arrived in Singapore yesterday. Not feeling too well since last night- nauseous and could not sleep well because the silly bed at the Rendezvous Hotel was…well u can liken it to a rock! ( Are u thinking what a name for a hotel too?)

Haven’t really had chance to show off my new toy yet because after all, I only met up with Mama who also spent our yum cha session testing out my IXUS 80IS and taking oh-so-ugly pictures of me. No way I will post that!

Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll have some more quality post with good pictures. Till then folks. Don’t miss me.

P/S: Say is Hedzri that popular? On my blog stats page, under the ‘people have used these words to search for your blog column’, I only see all the key words, – Cleo bachelor hedzri, hedzri 2008 cleo bachelor etc…..