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The end of the Beijing Olympics 2008 August 24, 2008

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I’ve nothing to blog this few days and the coming few days. 


Stayed home the whole weekend, watching the Olympics and the closing ceremony at this very moment.  Also sat down at the very same spot on the sofa, watching all the new TVB series.  I am such a fat, lazy couch potato.


Went for the Shape Run today.  Did not do too well and somehow either hurt or sprained the soles of my foot and walking with a slight limp now.


This something really darn funny on Usain Bolt.  Just some lame Olympic spoof video now that the hype is all over!


This is me…. August 20, 2008

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After I finished the Adidas King of the Road 10km run on August 10.


Damn ugly.  I am sure Mr.122 won’t be impressed.