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Kevin is going on a world tour! August 15, 2008

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and he is bringing me………!! WOOOHOOO


Ya right…he said he’d rather bring Bert than take me.  Better eat your words!!  I’ve packed his suitcase with Ernie’s little rubber duckie and loads of ski clothes!


He’s even listed his travel itinery on tripsteps.com…


He’s now in Sydney…..then he proceeds to (meanwhile, I’ll list the gifts I want here shamelessly)


Melbourne (Vegemite crackers!!!!)

Kuala Lumpur (only 5 days to catch up)

Singapore (ok lah nothing from Lion land considering I go there quite often myself)

Kuala Lumpur

Taipei (those yummy delicious Taiwanese snacks!)

Tokyo (those cute little Japanese souvenirs….NO HELLO KITTY please.  That’s only for Sooyin 🙂 Muahah of course I won’t mind a Burberry Blue Label)

San Francisco ( I don’t know..maybe a piece of alcatraz?)

New York (ok la..just a postcard will do, since the big souvenir I am requesting is coming up! HA HA HA)

London (now now…..let’s see.  Would it be that MIU MIU or Prada bag..considering if he goes to Milan?)

Kuala Lumpur (present time siaoyue……….LOL)

..and back to Melbourne in November……..can u believe that?!?


…all in 3 months…makes my Krabi trip seems so insignificant……


NOTE: For those who has been pretty ‘close mates’ with Kev, now is probably the time to try your luck and request for those things you’ve longed for………..HA HA


To sum up my Hong Kong trip July 6, 2008

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I realized that if i move my laptop to my room, I can actually steal my neighbour’s wireless to use!

Ha ha ha

Anyway here are some pictures to sum up my one week Hong Kong job training cum shopping trip..

I’ve been to Hong Kong probably a hundred times but have never ever visited the Wong Tai Sin temple. So last Tuesday morning, I got up at 8.10 am after a late night out and tagged along with Jean, who was in HK with her bf, brother and bro’s gf.

Another thing that was a first time to me. Taking the ferry from Tsim Tsa Tsui to Wan Chai. Only HKD2. Not exactly looking my best after a whole day shopping spree with Angeline.

Dinner at TOTT’s on the 34th floor of The Excelsior hotel with my Group Audit colleagues. Absolutely gorgeous sunset.

The ‘sau pau’ (birthday ‘pau’) in Hong Kong are huge compared to the ones we get in our Chinese restaurants here. Hmm..but come to think of it. Our dinner at this Chinese restaurant in Pacific Place was meant to be a farewell for one of my colleagues..why the birthday pau?

Went bar hopping with the girls and 1 guy in Lan Kwai Fong on my last night in Hong Kong.



CK was too kind to get us 2 rounds of drinks. So we repaid his kindness with a B151 shot.

At Finds, the 3 of us caught eye of a cute waiter. The chics got CK to ask for his number for me. This is what transpired..
CK: My friend here (pointing at me) wants to get your number..
Cute waiter: Yes you can call me here..
CK: No…can we get your mobile number?
Cute waiter: Ok…(and hands us a namecard)

4 of us took it and glared at it……WTF….he gave us the name card of the bar..with only the name, phone number and address of the bar. Not even his name. So embarassing!!!!!!!

Muahaha, don’t even try to ask me what I bought in HK apart from the overpriced Bert!!!!!


Shopping and Food Heaven! June 30, 2008

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The weekend came and went.  What you can do in Hong Kong is basically self explanatory.

Just eat and shop.

Everyone went back to work today, so I’m left to wander the streets of Hong Kong alone.  Met up with Cheshire the Cat for some healthy, soupy lunch then went to Mongkok to look for that Robotech whatever toy.  Nope…no luck… Ended up buying this Bert for HKD300….which was not even on my shopping list. Damnnn…who’s fault is it now?

Don’t give me that ‘Not another Bert’ killing stare.  This one’s different.  Look closer at his face.  The fabric’s different!!!

I’ve not splurged a lot yet.  Thankfully.  Won’t be blogging for the rest of the trip until after I get back.  My job training officially starts Wednesday, so which means that I only have one full day more of shopping tomorrow.

Some pics taken during the weekend

Yum-cha with the ‘jee mui’ and bestie in Wan Chai on Sunday

Hotpot dinner at Little Lamb as soon as I arrived in Hong Kong on Saturday night.  Gee..I LOVE the hotpots in Hong Kong.  Can never get the same quality in KL.

The sea bass’ tail was still flipping when this sashimi dish was served….Poor poor fish





I don’t even know where to begin! June 28, 2008

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I’m just jinxed to be on planes.  FULLSTOP

My adventures in Jakarta began with the gun incident.  Then I had an absolutely crazy week at work.  Finally today I thought TGIF.  I’m finally going home in style on KLM Business Class, and I can collect my second collectible item from them..all their houses have a different number, I think about 70 plus houses for u to collect them all.  Seems like I will only get to collect one this year…

I’m not going to write 5 paragraphs on how they screwed my evening/night/Friday, whatever.  To sum it up,  I thought Malaysia Airlines was bad.  This is my first experience on KLM.  THEY CANCELLED THE FLIGHT DUE TO SOME MAINTENANCE WORK BEING CARRIED OUT ON THE %*&(* PLANE.  ORIGINALLY IT WAS MEANT TO DELAY 3 HOURS.  MAS IS FULLY BOOKED OUT.  SINGAPORE AIRLINES TOO.  THE EARLIEST WE CAN FLY OUT IS 7-8AM JAKARTA TIME ON SATURDAY.  I HAVE CHECKED IN MY CATHAY PACIFIC FLIGHT CX722 TO HONGKONG FROM KLIA AT 1.45pm SATURDAY.  Almost every agitated passenger I spoke to tonight on the plane cancellation had some nasty experience with KLM cancelling their flights all together.  I feel like I’m in some epsiode of the Amazing Race Asia getting to my destination.  Last team will BE ELIMINATED…

So how did I end home at 1am tonight??

Ta dah!  Air Asia is my saviour today!!

Ok, so it’s not Business Class.  So what.  I still love Tony Fernandez tonight although I had to fork out an extra couple of hundred bucks to fly back.  ( I wow not to blog negatively about Air Asia for 1 year from tonight on..hahah!)

So what if their famous nasi lemak did not look anything like their menu??

so what if most of their new items on the menu were OUT OF STOCK..roti jala, roti canai, sandwich nada…even their nasi lemak and nasi briyani were limited in quantity.  So, although I did not feel hungry, BUT i had the privilege of sitting in the first 4 rows, die die also want to fight with people for the nasi lemak. Ha ha

They still got me to LCCT by 11.30 pm on a Friday.

I hope I have a better flight tomorrow.

Some pictures I took In jakarta…

View from the plane on 22/06/08

Remember in my earlier blog posts on how they serve plain white rice in KFC?

bert looking fresh and excited in the Manhattan hotel on our very first night in Jakarta..

bert after our absolutely mad rush in home sweet home…..



Shopping in Hong Kong June 26, 2008

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I’ve gotten my shopping list ready for Hong Kong!

I am sooooo excited.  Just 2 more nights!

I’m going to buy myself:

-G2000 clothes and lots of em!

-Clothes from ‘Ng’ boutique in Beverly shopping centre in CWB.  Love their stylo milo working attire.

-More clothes and shoes

-Shoes and more clothes 🙂

-Birthday pressies for all the July, Aug and even 1 September babies!

-‘Sat Ke Mah’ biscuit, which is someone’s favourite but has declined my offer to get it cause he’s sworn of junk food….

Not going to get another branded bag in case I get insulted from Nick about my BAD TASTE on buying Petaling Street lookalike bags…I want to get the IPOD touch but I can’t afford it after my not-meant-to-be shopping spree during the Great Singapore Sales.

And for some of the not-shy people (you know who you are) who have asked me to get you the following:

-Almond cookies from the ‘shop with the red signboards that you can find all over Mongkok.  Uhuh!!!

-Macross Robotech SF-1 (Ok, so I don’t have a childhood because I really don’t know WTF this is but apparently can get tons of this toy in Mongkok). 

-Sniper Rifle (ya right!)

-Portable mahjong table ????

 I just know that I am going to have a whale of a time there! 


Sigh June 25, 2008

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I am still working at 9.27 local time. Yes, many of you may find this unbelievable and somewhat amusing!

I’ve lost my voice because of the flu. I croak like a frog.

KFC in Jakarta sucks because they don’t serve my favourite mash potatoes and coleslaw in the snack plate.  They serve plain, white rice (wrapped in one of those McDonalds burger paper wrappings but instead it has the LARGE ‘RICE KFC’ print on the front).  Like-lah the fried chicken isn’t dry enough.  What do they expect us to have the rice with? Chilli sauce? I will load the pictures later!  The fried chicken is a disappointment – it’s too dry, too un-tasty.  I risk losing my voice even more after my KFC meal.

I’ve been adviced not to wander around town at night alone, so I’m stuck in the hotel every night.  Not after the gun incident, nah I won’t dare risk it!!!! George tried to be funny this afternoon and told me that Bert got sickeningly bored being in the hotel that he’s taking the fisherman’s vessel back to Port Klang tonight.  He’s gonna pick Bert from the Port.

Counting down…..2 more nights to go.  And by Saturday, I would be enjoying my hotpot with Angeline and Virginia in Hong Kong. I can’t wait!!!! Anttyk, I don’t know how bad Surabaya is, but Jakarta isn’t much better at this point!


Am I going to die in Jakarta? June 23, 2008

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I had a hell of a evening and night in Jakarta.  This is the first time I am here.  One that I will never forget in my life.  I am still super sickly with a nose running like a tap.  Stupidly forgot to bring the camera cable so can’t upload pictures into my laptop…so no pics for an entire week folks!

What have I experienced and seen so far since landing at 6pm?  It’s 12.45 am and I’m freaking tired but still trying to come to terms with some once in a lifetime experience that I’ve had here…

1) Came on business class with KLM.  They give out really nice limited edition collectibles.  Ceramic miniature houses.  Will post the pics once I get back to KL

2)The air is super polluted.  According to Sass-O, it’s only really polluted near the airport and Sundays are meant to be less pollusion day.  My flu has only worsened although I’ve had like like 3 flu tablets since this morning.

3) The Manhattan Hotel, Jakarta that I’m putting up at is spanking new but only impressive from the outside.  My first complaint, there were stains on my pillowcase and it smelt ‘sour’.

4) Went dinner at Loewy in Kuningan, about 5 mins drive from where I am staying with Sass and husband-to-be.  Here comes….

I’m too sleepy to blog the entire event, but to sum it up, husband to be got into a REALLY HEATED argument with a maniac on the road.  Maniac pulled out a gun and pointed it to his head…at that moment only a few things crossed my mind:-

a) How many bullets did he have?  Was he going to shoot?  Are we going to get hijacked – with me in the car?

b) If I’m going to die here being shot, who do I want to speak to before I die? 

c) What will happen to Sass, she’s seated in front too!! OMG OMG OMG

Maniac also pulled out the key from our Harrier while the engine was still running (our windscreen was down).. believe it or not and broke the damn key!  Ok so even car is stalled!

Thank god the police showed up within 5 minutes.  Commotion died down a little but maniac was still behaving like a maniac minus the gun.  I’m amazed how fast he hid the gun when the police arrived.

Police and maniac left after about 1/2 hour… bla bla bla…..the Toyota dudes came….their friends came….cellotaped the car key….bla la bla….I got back to the hotel at 12 am sharp. 

Note:  Was told by Sass’ friend Shirley that people dont carry guns so openly.  I’m just god damn lucky to have met one tonight. ….but they don’t normally shoot you, she reassured….

The whole incident was so surreal.  Looks like something out from my HK serials

I’m going to bed.  Good night folks.



Prive at Keppel Bay June 9, 2008

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Oohlala romantic-nya this place in Keppel Bay.  Absolutely amazing night view!

If only it was you there instead…………



Going to Macau…but then maybe not May 28, 2008

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Hoooohoo I did something spontaneous today.  I booked the Air Asia flight to Macau for January 2009.   I missed the sales but RM514 for return flight including insurance is not a bad deal still.  I was estatic until virlau reminded me that our semi-annual major company training is normally held (not in KL for 2009) in the first week of January which would ultimately clash with my trip.

Damn..penny wise pound foolish.  Now I’d probably have to pay extra to reschedule.


Bye bye iPod May 26, 2008

RIP Ipod

D.O.B:  Can’t remember ..approximately 1 1/2 years ago

Death: April 12, 2008 on the way to Manila

Was at the MAC shop in 1U last night to collect my dead iPod with my 2 friends.  But to my surprise, this was what the MAC fler told me – ‘ sometimes the ipod a bit crazy one, try to charge it once in a while when you’re free, it may just work again.  But for now the hard disk really cannot work already..’  3 of us were scratching our heads……so to bury it or to try to revive it once in a while and hope for miracle.  Was also so tempted to get the iPod touch, but then again…no la, then I will have no money for my Coach bag when I go to HK for the summer sales cum meeting. Ha ha…sigh…girls and their material stuff….


Went to watch ‘What Happens in Vegas’ last night.  I can relate to Cameron Diaz’s character in the movie.  Only 5 words to describe the movie – predictable plot but bloody hilarious!


Logged on to MAS website in the late evening to check out their $0 sales.  Yes, yes call me a hypocrite…cause of all the bitching I have posted on my blog on their absolutely disgraceful service.  Tempted to backpack alone to Siam Reap or Hanoi (something I’ve wanted to do for a while now) during the Deepavali hols in October, the only free slot in my absolutely packed job schedule….return flight costs almost RM500.  Not sure if it’s a good deal or if I’m game to travel alone.