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Sh*t As* Day May 16, 2008

This post is about negativity.

What happened?

1) Of my 4 years working, this has got to be the most, and yes, the shittiest day I had ever.  It’s not an exaggeration.

2) At the bar last night in Ipoh, coming out from the bathroom, my drunk acquaintance was coming into the toilet.  and ‘BANG’ there goes my poor finger!  Swelled like nobody’s business today

3) 肥仔 (‘fei jai’) bought me 7 CDs today with my favourite songs.  I can’t listen to them yet cause obviously my stupid car player has not been fixed and even my laptop Cd-rom its not being itself.  Can’t detect any CD’s AT ALL!!!

4) And u know what’s the worst of the lot?  I went to the local mamak for supper.  Of course I asked for my favourite ‘papadums’ which is a MUST.  ‘Sorry..u know all our papadums come from India right?  We have a few suppliers that said there would be no papadums stock for at least 6 months….!’ WTF…it’s months ok not DAYS!  This has got to be the most ridiculous thing I heard all day.  Did papadum makers go on a strike in India asking for a payrise or cease production? is there a papadum union?

5) Frank, my Chinese friend in Shanghai, updated me on the earth quake situation and death toll in China.  It’s really sadenning to think that here we are worrying about financial, relationships..but at least an entire generation of ppl have been wiped out there.  My heart goes out to them.

Well, I did one good thing today.  I donated some money to the Myanmar flood victims through UNICEF.