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Buy Nothing Day… July 17, 2008

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Federation of Malaysian Consumers Association (“FOMCA”) declared July 16 (yesterday) as Buy Nothing Day. 

Extracted from yesterday’s Star Online.

FOMCA declares ‘Buy Nothing Day’ on July 16

Story and photo by JADE CHAN

DON’T go shopping on July 16.

Why? That day has been declared the “Buy Nothing Day” by the Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations (Fomca).


Fomca, with the cooperation of its partners, wants the Buy Nothing Day to be a day for consumers to review and reflect their personal values, especially in relation to consumerism.


It is also a time for consumers to think of their spending patterns, and about their values in relation to the importance given to family and friends, and the goods they acquire.


The Buy Nothing Day is organised in conjunction with the National Consumer Campaign (NCC), which is on from June this year till June 2012 under the theme of Change Begins With Me.


“The focus of the NCC is for Malaysian consumers to change their consumer behaviour and to take greater responsibility to face challenges that have an impact on their lifestyle,” Fomca president Datuk N. Marimuthu said at the launch of the Buy Nothing Day.


“The time for cheaper fuel and foodstuff is over. Malaysians need to re-examine their lifestyle and make changes to the way they live to adapt to global challenges like increasing fuel prices,” he said.


Also present at the launch were representatives from the campaign partners – Cuepacs, National Council of Women’s Organisation (NCWO) and the Malaysian Youth Council.


Meanwhile, following are some of the positive measures consumers can do (let’s see how I’ve fared):

· Packing lunches/snacks at home and having them at the office; (since last week I have been packing lunch to office from home 😛 )

· Having more meals at home and eating out less; (I have 4 dinners at home in a week at least.  Last week I had 3 dinners out, which was Kev’s treat on Sunday’s dinner, so basically it’s he who has SINNED! Ha ha)

· Reducing electricity consumption, such as reducing the amount of time the air-conditioner is switched on or using the fan more often; (I only turn on the air con when I sleep, so I already played my part)

· Planning travel in advance; (I have a calendar full of holidays for the year, somehow none seems to materialise.  I am still waiting for confirmation on the Krabi trip.  How does advance planning your travels be classified as +ve measures?)

· Using public transport more often; (cannot la this one  – taxi you scared get robbed, bus – u scared of maniac drivers.  Public transport here sucks.  No LRT runs pass my office also)

· Buying only when necessary, and evaluating the needs versus the wants; (this one confirm I only buy necessary..I NEED 1 dress for anttyk’s wedding – after all he’s my ‘brother’ – but then again I may wear my new ‘purple looks like chicken feathers’ dress for that occassion that’s still sitting in my cabinet and waiting for the right opportunity, NEED one for mama’s wedding, one for Christmas, I don’t even spend money on new clothes for party or dates OK.  That’s maybe cause I don’t have any dates to go to??  Woi, this is image!  Looking good is a NEED and obviously outweighs the WANT to look good)

· Using energy-efficient equipment, like a front-loading washing machine rather than a top-loading one; ( I don’t know about this, my maid does all the washing.  Ok, I am maybe a lil spoilt)

· Stop using credit cards (erm, yesterday, I prepaid 8 movie tickets for Friday night’s ‘The Dark Knight’ on GSC online so that doesn’t count right.  It’s prepaid, so technically I did not spend on July 16.  If I’m guilty, 7 others are too!) ; and

· Buying house brand goods instead of branded goods. (if anyone can find me Tesco or Carrefour house brand bags, then I won’t buy anymore Burberry lor!)