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How awful can your date be? July 24, 2008

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What’s the most cheapskate thing he has ever done on a date..siaoyue asks?????


a) Made you go dutch (if you’re a girl la..there’s no equality when it comes to such thing right)? 


b) Offer to pick you on his bicycle in view of rising petrol costs (Maybe only anttyk would be capable of such things..) or worst, not even offering to pick you or suggesting you take public transport?  But nothing beats, asking you to pick him cause he lives on the way!


c) Not buying you dinner and asking you to have a ‘popcorn’ dinner while watching your planned movie date.  His excuse, ‘We’re running late….’


d)  Offering to shout dinner, but restricting you to what you can eat.  Again the reason being, ‘I ain’t that hungry’.  But you know for sure that what you’ve/he’s ordered isn’t even enough for a gal going on a diet.


e) Conveniently excusing himself to the toilet just when the waiter is about to bring the bill?  Or using the ‘I left my wallet in the car’ excuse???


What are your thoughts?