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Chirpy Day May 29, 2008

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Today is one of the chirpiest days I’ve had in a looooonnng time.  I’ve probably told some of you why but I’m not going to blog it in here.  Let this be a little secret with my closest buds.  I’m so chripy that not even Uncle Alcoholic NL calling me Bob (as in sponge) will affect me :).  Maybe of all the alcohol that’s filled his brains, he mind works like a snail too and can’t tell the difference between a pretty chic and sponge?  Sponge Bob meets snail!


I don’t see the similiarity wat! Do you?

A couple of months back, come to think of it, I don’t even know when I said it but I did.  I made a promised to a certain 肥仔 (‘fei jai’) that I would get him something from every country that I go to for work.  I have not kept to the promise , that’s cause I can’t remember where and when I made it and gotten so much shit for it.  Why did I get myself into this? Haha, cause he’s been a great friend all these years I guess and I’ve never done anything for him.  God, what a corny statement to make too!

Many years back, my friend, I, did the exact same thing for me on all his Europe backpacking trips.  And until today, I still think it’s the sweetest thing a friend can do for you.

I’m going down to Kiasu-land, Singapore, this Sunday for 10 days, again for work.  So this time I made a resolution to keep my promise.  But what can you buy another alcoholic in Singapore for a Malaysian, even though its the Great Singapore Sales.  A ‘I LOVE SINGAPORE’ T shirt?  Or a Sentosa Island Post card? Or even a fridge magnet? Damn.

Any ideas?