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What constitutes embezzlement? July 23, 2008

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The Pakatan Rakyat State Government in Penang has been accused of ’embezzling’ RM30 mil by the State Umno Secretary, Datuk Azhar Ibrahim.


The Star reports:


“The state says that it is trying to save money by flying economy class and implementing austerity measures but it is actually embezzling the people’s money by not collecting the illegal hawking and parking compounds issued before March 8,” said the Penaga assemblyman who twice described himself as a “good guy” in his debate on the motion of thanks on the Yang di-Pertua Negri Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas’s speech.

State exco member Phee Boon Poh (DAP-Sungai Puyu) stood up to demand clarification from Azhar on how the state had embezzled the people’s money.

“The state’s duty is to collect the compounds but it did not, so that is menyelewenglah! Why are you taking care of those who are guilty? What about those who have paid, do they get a refund?” Azhar, who is state Umno secretary, retorted.


I am not even going to bother doing a wikipedia or dictionary.com search on the meaning of ‘embezzlement‘.  Even my 15 year old cousin can give me a better explanation than this fler. 


Thank you Datuk Azhar, for enlightening me and 21 million other Malaysians on the real meaning of embezzlement.


Note: I paid RM12 on behalf of my friend, Fu for the movie ticket for Red Cliff.  Please do not menyeleweng my money and return it promptly ok!