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Jimmy’s Birthday Celebration May 5, 2008

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Jimmy’s birthday is in 3 days time.  But we had an early celebration for him last Saturday.

Sue Ann, birthday boy and me went to El Cerdo’s for a feast of pork, pork and pork.

It has got to be one of the most scrumptious pork feast ever (Sooyin, better than Checkers i reckon!). I totally loved the smoked ham with rockmelon as appetizer -never ever tasted anything as good before (ok..maybe that’s a wee bit exaggerating). And the dessert is absolutely fantabulous! But it was a pity we could not try the suckling pig.  I found it really strange that other customers were cutting the pig with their small ceramic plates and throwing them into this bucket to break them, apparently for good luck (an Italian tradition).

We moved on the Vintage Bank in KL Hilton to meet up with some other friends. 

Here’s Jimmy cutting his first birthday cake for the year.  Green Tea cake from San Terri.

Haha ok..it’s me in case you noticed.  I pulled the orange ribbon out from the cake’s deco and tied it to his neck!

Whoa….I don’t realize that I still had enough stamina to proceed to Zeta Bar after that!

And the highlight of the night, I reckon was not Jimmy’s birthday celebration…..it was his love interest of the night….ms. looks-so-hot-in-leopard-prints-chic.

Have a great birthday this year! My regards from Ipoh! 🙂