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Ipoh night life! May 14, 2008

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Last night Yellow Chimp, Alex and myself went for dinner in Frens Corner.  I have been hassling them to go there before they came up from KL for job – I tried the place last week and loved it since.  Finally, after many wrong turns and directions from Ipohreans, we managed to locate this place, known for it’s icy cold ‘shuet far’ beer and cheap & tasty food.  Don’t ask me the road name- we just circled around the padang with the second biggest flag in Malaysia and found the place.

Don’t know how they do it – even Yellow Chimp aka Danielpedia was scratching his head.  They must have chilled the beer to the temperature just below freezing to get this effect.  Note: KC KC a.k.a. big eyed boy, you must find out how to get to this place la.  Ipoh people always bring KL ppl try one wor! Tsk tsk…shame on u! Ha ha you only know how to recommend your friends to try a ‘kedai kopi’ that has already sold out all their food by lunch.

The stir fry intestines with shrimp is a MUST to try.  Sounds gross but you’d still have to try.  Alex, I think enjoyed it as much as I did! The aroma of the shrimps, which is done in a spicy way..Blisssssss…

The ‘pak cheok’ squid is another one of my favourites…

Apart from the finger foods to go with beer, the rice dishes were only so-so. 

A place worth trying – but not for the alcoholics as they’ll probably find the beer a bit too light for their liking.  Bill came up to about RM70 (incl’ RM 15 for beer).  Not too bad! Woo and I only had one glass of beer for dinner.  Uncle will be so proud of me ’cause I am not turning out like him! Ha ha ha

We went to watch Ironman at Ipoh Parade after dinner.  I was truly surprised that the movie was not bad considering I had no intention to watch another superhero movie and was dragged there by Yellow Chimp! Apart from the movie which I would probably rate a 7, the experience of watching a movie in GSC in Ipoh is totally different from KL..

1) The seats were damn smelly..even Mid Valley GSC’s seat don’t smell as bad.

2) We got warning from our Ipoh friends that the seats are fleas infested..but thank god we did not get bitten

3) Three ah bengs sat behind us, commenting on the movie so loudly I almost could have given them a loudspeaker and occasionally their mobile would ring…those ‘feng tau’ music.  I think they never watch the Digiman ad and the consequences of speaking loudly on your mobile.

4) Over at the other end, another group of weird asses would suddenly burst out in laughter at scenes we thought were totally not unfunny….or could it just be us without the sense of humour