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Am I going to die in Jakarta? June 23, 2008

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I had a hell of a evening and night in Jakarta.  This is the first time I am here.  One that I will never forget in my life.  I am still super sickly with a nose running like a tap.  Stupidly forgot to bring the camera cable so can’t upload pictures into my laptop…so no pics for an entire week folks!

What have I experienced and seen so far since landing at 6pm?  It’s 12.45 am and I’m freaking tired but still trying to come to terms with some once in a lifetime experience that I’ve had here…

1) Came on business class with KLM.  They give out really nice limited edition collectibles.  Ceramic miniature houses.  Will post the pics once I get back to KL

2)The air is super polluted.  According to Sass-O, it’s only really polluted near the airport and Sundays are meant to be less pollusion day.  My flu has only worsened although I’ve had like like 3 flu tablets since this morning.

3) The Manhattan Hotel, Jakarta that I’m putting up at is spanking new but only impressive from the outside.  My first complaint, there were stains on my pillowcase and it smelt ‘sour’.

4) Went dinner at Loewy in Kuningan, about 5 mins drive from where I am staying with Sass and husband-to-be.  Here comes….

I’m too sleepy to blog the entire event, but to sum it up, husband to be got into a REALLY HEATED argument with a maniac on the road.  Maniac pulled out a gun and pointed it to his head…at that moment only a few things crossed my mind:-

a) How many bullets did he have?  Was he going to shoot?  Are we going to get hijacked – with me in the car?

b) If I’m going to die here being shot, who do I want to speak to before I die? 

c) What will happen to Sass, she’s seated in front too!! OMG OMG OMG

Maniac also pulled out the key from our Harrier while the engine was still running (our windscreen was down).. believe it or not and broke the damn key!  Ok so even car is stalled!

Thank god the police showed up within 5 minutes.  Commotion died down a little but maniac was still behaving like a maniac minus the gun.  I’m amazed how fast he hid the gun when the police arrived.

Police and maniac left after about 1/2 hour… bla bla bla…..the Toyota dudes came….their friends came….cellotaped the car key….bla la bla….I got back to the hotel at 12 am sharp. 

Note:  Was told by Sass’ friend Shirley that people dont carry guns so openly.  I’m just god damn lucky to have met one tonight. ….but they don’t normally shoot you, she reassured….

The whole incident was so surreal.  Looks like something out from my HK serials

I’m going to bed.  Good night folks.