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Happy Birthday, Pa! May 20, 2008

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Today my fa-sher turns 53.  Yesterday, I bought him a blueberry cheesecake from San Terri’s.

After dinner, we wanted to cut the cake.

Mom: When you want to ask your dad to cut the cake?

Me: Now la… paaaa…..come and cut your cake, we bought you a cake!

Dad: No need la….

Me: Aiyo, so boring one, bought cake already dont want to cut!

Mom: Your dad always like this..nevermind la he is busy on the Internet, tomorrow only cut.

..2 hrs later…..Mom is still out with her friends and I just finsihed watching The Other Boleyn Girl on my laptop..

Dad: * chomp chomp chomp* Where you buy this cake from, quite good ah!

Me: (OMG) You ate the cake already?!?&%^^%&%&^*


P/S: Anybody managed to get the free air asia tickets during their sale?  All air tickets to Perth and Gold Coast were fully sold out by the time I tried to log in on all the days I tried.  Just my luck!!!!!