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My IPOD has crashed May 6, 2008

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I sent my IPOD to repair last Saturday in 1 Utama.

I just got a call from the store guy…

Phone on silent mode virating furiously..

Store Employee: Ms Loong, this is FOO from something something shop( can’t remember the shop name) 1 Utama…

Me: Err yeah

Store Employee: Sorry ah, we want to tell you that your IPOD hard disk crash.  We tried diff cables, different computers.  Cannot fix-lah.  We tried to turn on also cannot.

Me: So now how?  Really cannot fix?  Have to buy new one?

Store Employee: I think better you buy new one cause your hard disk crash already.  You can come back to our shop anytime to take back your ipod for remembrance lah.



Jimmy has been getting birthday wishes since last night.

I received some sms-es also enquiring if his birthday is today.

I think my previous post is misleading!

His birthday is 3 days from yesterday’s post – which ultimately falls on May 8.  Not 3 days from our dinner!

The blogger apologizes for any inconvenience caused…….