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Fish Spa May 10, 2008

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I can’t believe Kevin went to try the Fish Spa without me! 

So today, considering I had only 1 full day before driving back to Ipoh for another dreary week, I dragged Kev to the Kenko’s Fish Spa at Pavillion – first time for me.  NicB who was supposed to join had to send his Vios for a major service.

There has been much hype and publicity on these Dr Fish and fish spa for the past few months, I guess there won’t be much explanation required on what these fish spas do.  So I’ll cut the story short and straight post the pictures (if u have never heard of it, just google la!).

Because mama said that there maybe a line, we decided to be kiasu and arrive at the spa at 12 sharp.

The entrance to the spa

Ok, so some people were already there!

Wash your feet before u let the fish feed on your dead skin

On your mark, get set, dip your foot in!

Wahahahahha so bloody ticklish

Fuiyoh! After 1/2 hour and RM 38 bucks well spent, look at my foot – minus the dead skin.  Can’t believe I had so much more fish biting me compared to Kev or the other lady beside me.

Just before we left, we decided to get vouchers for my mom. dad and his aunt. The lady persuaded us to the 10 vouchers for only RM300 and we could even offset with today’s treatment!  So, that would make today’s treatment free! Wahhhhhh…