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Malaysian Airlines Sucks! March 21, 2008

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This is my second post again today, why because I am so pissed – and hence will write my first complaint.  I am meant to fly out with MAS on MH 140 tonight at 11.55pm from Brisbane BUT due to some silly technical error, we have to fly out tomorrow at 11.30am.  That is like a 12 hr delay.  And the bloody rude MAS staff in Australia said – no compensation, nothing, nada, nil because they are still flying us out tomorrow and arriving tomorrow.  WTF- not even an apology??  Not even a dinner voucher?  This is absolutely ridiculous!  The rude staff asked me to check if I have bought travel insurance and claim from them.

Ok, at least I have time to update my blog a little bit.  And have another good night’s rest before Angeline’s birthday bash tomorrow.

A blue tongued lizard I saw in Aunt Wan’s garden in Brisbane.  Anttyk, another species of your friends.


And maybe I have a little bit more time to play with my god daughter! I’m beginning to like her and I think kids in general so much I think I don’t even mind adopting a child to care for if I don’t get married – be a single mom lor.  Very common nowadays right!