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I love bars in Singapore June 4, 2008

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…beacuse they have this at the microbrewery in Clark Quay!

This is heaven!!!!!

Below – Mama and Shaun-Not-Alcoholic at Coffee Bean on Monday night.  I’m impressed he did not suggest drinking (I guess he had no choice considering he’s on medication for liver/ skin probs? I don’t remember which was it)

Mama loves taking pictures of others but not herself.  I have compiled her masterpiece with ‘the many faces of shaun-not alcoholic’.  Not bad for an amateur huh! 

I’m so proud of myself.  I have not bought anything during this Great Singapore Sales yet.  I’m saving for my Hong Kong shopping spree next month!

Two days till TGIF!!!!  Let’s see how great my willpower can last then – I’m restraining myself from being a shopaholic!