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I am bored May 19, 2008

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Happy Wesak Day everyone!

The long weekend can be helluva boring if you have no concrete plans in mind. 

I got back from Ipoh – vowed to have an alcohol-less weekend to detox and I have succeeded!

Went to watch Narnia over the weekend with the boys.  All I can say is that except for Prince Caspian, Ben Barnes who’s absolutely a hottie ( just about the only thing worth looking at), I must admit, I was slightly disappointed with the movie. The first one was way better!

Finished another Postsecret book I bought from amazon.com.

Just spent almost RM200 on some office clothes this morning at Nichii, as I was outgrowing some of my old ones..sigh.  There goes my saving for my upcoming Hong Kong trip.  I just have no willpower.

Did some yoga, some reading for the upcoming CISA exam, caught up with the girls at Starbucks where they were chatting excitedly about their upcoming weddings and the usual bitching and finally managed to use the office’s laptop to listen to the CDs from ‘fei jai’ since all my other listening devices have crashed.  Also managed to complete some episodes of the two new TVB series.

I guess I’ll have to look forward to this coming weekend…

Angeline, Wely, Sass-O, Quotation Boy Kelvin, Mama are all coming to KL….hope we’ll have a blast then!  Joanna and myself plan to have a ‘no drunk no going home’ night when we meet up with the girls this coming Friday.  Hopefully anttyk does not aeroplane for Bak Kut Teh morning – craving for that!  And of course Gossip Girl season finale comes on tonight! XoXo…I know I love it.  Can’t believe Laura’s other half is into it as well!