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I realized…. July 10, 2008

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that if I do not travel overseas for work, I have virtually nothing to blog about.

Ok, let’s do movie reviews…

Went to watch Sex and the City last week in Hong Kong with Virginia.  I have probably only watched like 1-2 episodes in my life but the movie was fantabulous and you don’t need to be a Sex and the City fan to follow it.  I was probably laughing all the way from start till end.  Sass-O is right! You’ll probably want that Chanel or Prada or LV bag after watching that movie.  OMG and for those who have already watched the movie, Samantha and the sushi scene was absolutely hilarious!  Just buy the DVD, for all you KL-ians who have yet to watch it.  1) We don’t even know if it’s gonna be shown here 2) Betcha the censorship board gonna cut cut cut every damn F*** or AS&&&&&E or sex scene and we’ll be left wondering WTF??

Went with Hedz and his ‘girlfriends’ to watch Hancock.  Just got back a little past eleven.  Only before stepping in the cinema, I realized that we’re gonna to watch another superhero movie! Ha ha..that’s how ‘out’ I’ve been!  We sat 3 rows from the front and god…it’s been a while since I sat that close to the screen.  Felt so nauseous and giddy throughout the movie..anyway back to the movie.  Not going to say much and spoil the surprise:- Will Smith is gorgeous, but probably better suited for roles like MIB, not so predictable plot.  It is indeed not your run of the mill superhero movie.  I must say, I quite enjoyed the 1 1/2 hr movie.  Ok-la for half priced Wednesdays.  7 bucks well worth your money…

Summer is just packed with great movies.  I want to catch Hellboy, Batman, Red Cliff bla bla bla…the list goes on…..

Josephine and myself gave Hedz so much shit about his once in a lifetime experience on Cleo Bachelor 2008.  How did it feel being compared to errr Kenny Sia, who was also nominated as this year’s bachelor?  How come you don’t get any authographs from chics on the street **sigh**?  How come you looked so much fairer in the Cleo Photoshoot (ha ha…no pun intended)?

OMG Air Asia has their RM3 beach deals promo at the moment.  To Krabi only RM3 one way.  How can I miss out that opportunity? If I can get my leave approved, Krabi, here I come!!!  Hedz, if you’re reading this, CANCEL your CHINA trip!!!! So little money, so many holidays!  Aiya………….

Am still chatting with Mama way past midnight.  She’s reminding me of the good old days back in our old firm as colleagues.  Anttyk, my so-called goldfish brother used to spend his time photoshopping our colleagues faces ….

This was one of his masterpieces of his so proclaimed 4 hobbits

Jacklum(sometimes known as d-ass or jack ass) ….with my preeeccciiiooouuusss

I was always known as the ‘fierce fish’ to anttyk.  Of course, I was never spared from the humiliation in SHREK.  And here’s horse-face Sooj as the DONKEY!!!!!

But then, he got a taste of his own medicine, when one his protege’s photoshopped him ….

as Anthon Khan

After posting these pics, I told mama to take a look at them at my blog.  OMG, she accidentally typed http://siaoyue.blogspot.com and look what anttyk created for me back then during our Deloitte days….

Those good old days are way behind us now and will only remain as a happy memory.  Most of us have moved on from this warm and one of a kind working environment to other companies…….