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About songs and chinese serials.. June 16, 2008

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Long gone were the days where I used to be the source of downloaded Hong Kong serials for my ex colleagues.

I’m back at it again after a 1 year break, well almost.  This time I’m doing it for a good cause.  I’m saving the dude down south from being bored to death.  With a Little Creatures and a canto version of CSI, this wouldn’t exactly your idea of great entertainment but hey, who’s complaining right?

I should start a business and earn some side income with the ridiculous petrol prices now.  RM 1 per episode w.e.f July 1, 2008.  mwuahahaha it may make me more money than my main job.


Today my original  2v1g CD, which I ordered last Wednesday has finally arrived in the post today.  There’s even a little note in the post from the Executive Producer Leslie Loh thanking us for supporting original CDs. If your’re into soulful kind of music, then 2v1g will be your cup of tea.  Heard the song previews from the website the first time and loved it.  Click here to listen to one song I’ve uploaded – one of my personal favourites.


I have NOT WATCHED SEX AND THE CITY yet and everyone’s been raving about how great the movie it.  Errrgh.  Well my only consolation.  I managed to download the soundtrack……. Who has not watched yet and wanna go watch it…..!!!!!!!!