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Girls’ Night Out (GNO) May 24, 2008

Before I begin my post on my GNO, let me say that I knew anttyk was going to give me shit about ‘aeroplaning’ him on this morning’s Pork Fiesta Bak-Kut-Teh Brunch.  Ha ha, let me clarify.  I really did HAVE to go back to office this morning to pack all the files as we’re finally moving office next week!

My 3 1/2 hrs of hard work sorting out all the files back to 1995, seperating them by year into the boxes.  It will be a new environment, new work email, new business cards, new furnitures, ooh…I am so looking forward to it!


Last night was superb fun.  It’s hard to get all the girls finally together for a GNO- with the exception of Loong, Angeline’s other half who joined us.

Cause most of them were caught up at work, only 3 of us made it to dinner at my old schoolmate, Patrick’s ‘My Elephant’ restaurant. 

I’ve heard great reviews about this restaurant situation amongst some flats near the Shell station in section 17 PeeJay and finally decided to give it a try last night.  Was pleasantly surprised at the deco – chic yet comfy.  With some recommendations from the waiter, we finally decided with the following dishes:

Fish cake comes in a serving of 6 pieces

‘My elephant’ tom yam.  We were told it’s one of the spiciest soups served there and my were they right!

Brown rice is served instead of the usual white rice

Stir-fry Thai style kai-lan with mushrooms

The last of the dishes we ordered was the fried chicken nuggets..

Nothing served there is a disappointment – the servings were just right, food deco was a-ok and taste was just..fantastic.  You have to try it to believe it.  Only downside was that they did not serve any desserts.  A mango sticky rice would have made the meal so perfect! RM55 for all the above dishes – not bad huh!


We started our Karaoke session at the Red Box curve at 10 sharp.  Poor Joanna who did not make it to dinner was absolutely starving and had to settle with the buffet provided. Ah, but from her look in the pic below, I think she did not mind the food one bit!

From l-r: Angeline a.k.a Linlin, Susu, Laura, Me and Joanna

Wa ha ha, my friend Wendy once told me that this was the happening pose for Jap -chics.  We’re trying to imitate but I think fail miserably-la.

Below: Malaysian idol in the making.  Pretty, sings like Christina, young ..but sorry she’s already taken!

We called it a night at 1.  All of us were almost voice-less after all the shouting, screaming on top of our lungs.  Too bad our King of K Max Tan is so FARAWAY in Sydney and can’t join us! 🙂